How soon does every change out their tires. Rover set shows some wear though it wasn't the rental bike, they said. Saw Kenda name mentioned a while back. What Kenda tire would all you professionals suggest? Thanks


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  • When to change ones tires varies given a number of different factors: tire brand, tire model, tire inflation, driving style, driving surface, toe-in, personal finances, satisfaction of ride, etc. This list IS NOT mutually exclusive Nor collectively exhaustive. I have roughly 700 miles on the Schwalbe Marathon's that were on my Rover when I bought it used last summer and they still look quite good. I admit that I the first thing I did after purchasing the trike was to take it to the local bike shop (TerraTrike dealer) and have then give it a complete tune up checking everything before I really began ridding. 

    Dispite all this I am considering buying Schwalbe Big Apple tires for use when traveling as they are as close to flat-proof as you are likely to find, can safely be inflated to a wide range of presures depending on driving surface and conditions, and a tried and true reputation. Currently all my riding is on asphalt.
  • Im running   Schwalbe Marathon Plus all around at 900 miles they still look brand new this is my first Trike but never got that kind of wear in 30 years of bike riding. the plus on the tires is Schwalbe's puncture lining I ride in the desert with cactus everywhere and never had a flat Ive got the Marathon Plus tires on my communiting bike and have never had a flat on it eather  
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