howdy folks,I know nothing about Terra Trike(just found them online this morning) somebody PLEASE tell me that terra trike is in no way connected to true bicycle. I had a stroke in 2011 and bought a tricycle from true bicycle in Michigan that is now a rusted out hulk. yes I know I should have made sure it was not exposed to weather but c'mon now, two winters riding  and a couple more winters in storage after I had more health problems and the frame is completely rusted thru in multiple locations? that is where I'm at now, going back to the purchase, their website advertises free shipping in the US but they charged us $200 to ship from MI to PA(unfortunately a family member paid the credit card bill before I could dispute the charge) so now I'm looking around and the terra trike Rover looks good to me


  • I've never heard of True Bicycle. WizWheelz Inc is the only other name used by the company.

    - PaulNM
  • I don't believe TT is associated with "true bicycle". I know that before using the name TerraTrike, they were WizWheels (which is still the underlying corporate name, I believe).
  • truebicycle.com is the full name I guess. the website shows a notice that they are expecting new models to be delivered in April of 2015 so they may have gone out of business for all I know
  •   Sorry about your health issues, but no trike or bike will last if it's left out in the elements. People need to respect their tools if they expect them to last. That said the Rover is a good, simple tool. It also needs to be kept out of the weather, properly maintained, and tuned to the individual rider.

      There are some interesting storage solutions others have used; one had a pulley system that kept the trike in a vertical position (in storage) on a wheeled platform which was rolled into a garden shed. Better than nothing. Others store their in garages on racks, on a wall with a hook, or a pulley system to elevate the trike over their vehicles.

    ¬ ITL
  • Store? If you store it, you can't ride it!  What's a little snow to a hardcore rider?!  hehehe
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