New model

I saw the all road Rambler at the semi-
LBS today, 35 mi drive. Wasn't totally
assembled. Beefier tires. Two fixed spots for the seat mount. Two gears front derailleur. Maybe more on back.
Couldn't give me a price. I knew what old one was, then he thought this should be more than $2199. Orange,
black, maybe some white as well. Nice. Forgive me for not taking any fotos. Don't know how to load them on this site thru my iPhone 5s.


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      Adding photos is easy. was the one that got me into posting photos and here it's about as easy.

    • Make a free Photobucket account. Some use Google Drive, but you have to make a folder and give it Public viewing rites to make things easier.
    • Create a folder to store things into categories. Like I have one for TerraTrike Rover i8, then added folders under that for various topics under that to keep things orderly.
    • Photobucket has an icon to Click to Upload. Click, select folder what photos are stored, and enter.
    • File uploads. You can add a title and/or description. On the right of the photo (on a PC) there are four fields, click on the Direct field, that copies the picture's location to the clipboard.
    • Here, click the Insert Image icon, which says enter URL (clipboard link), and has http:// already in there. Me, I backspace over that.
      On a phone you'd click into the field, remove the http://, then press & hold, and paste from clipboard.
    • That should show the photo you're wanting to add to a post.

      Photos must be in a folder that can be viewed by the public or only you will see them.

    ¬ ITL
  • Much easier on
  • Hey, I'm on Michigan sportsman also. Primarily in the bird dog section.
  • Haven't visited that part of the forum. I have a 22 year old African Grey Parrot,
    and we feed the birds here and at the cabin. Don't watch shows where birds are shot. Uncles are/were members of Pheasants Forever. I hunt with the camera.
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