Schrader valves

Noticed the Rambler has the Presta valves. The trikes have wide rims compared to my upright. Anyone drill out the holes to enlarge for a Schrader
tube? Rover has Schrader. LBS assembled trikes. But I bet tubes/tires arrive mounted on rims. If I did this at home, would you think warranty would be affected? Front two tires wouldn't be trouble, but the hub wheel, hmmm


  • What amount in inches would the diameter of hole be enlarged to)
  • TT emailed back and the models that
    come with internal hubs have the
    Schrader valves. So happy to hear that.
    Presta are on the other models.
  • You can buy, for a couple of bucks, a Presta to Schrader valve adapter. My local bike shop had them, a buck a piece. I bought 3. To keep one with the bike. The problem was they were cheap pieces of made in China garbage. They worked, but it was a fight to air the tires up. SO, I found a made in USA solid brass ones, 2 for 5 dollars. They are great. Just my 2 cents.

  • There are many videos on Youtube showing how to do it, Need a 21/64 drill bit and then file the sharp edges so not to cut the rubber Shrader valve. Good luck.
  • I changed my Legacy Path wheels to Schrader from Presta valves with a reamer. Just enlarge the holes until the new valve stems fit.
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