SHifter not accessing all gears

I bought a used Rover that hasn't been used or a few years. Identical to the model I used to have before I upgraded -- 8-speed handle-mounted rotary shifter.  The cable was disconnected from the hub but I have reattached and it looks like it is adjusted correctly at the hub  from instruction I have seen online. However,  the shifter handle doesn't go below 2nd gear -- t Seems to shift only 6 or 7 gears. Won't go past 2nd gear when downshifting. First time I've worked o9n a shifter, so I may be doing something wrong. Any ideas?


  •   @jamesr is the current expert here, maybe he'll chime in to help.  :)

      If you know the hub model (printed on the IGH), find it here and download the manual(s) and go from there. Or take it to a bike shop and have them check the cable, housing, shifter, and IGH.

    ¬ ITL
  • Second the advice to check the shifter when disconnected from the hub. (Well all of the advice, really.)

    It's possible for the crimped end of the cable inside the shifter to get bent back, folded over itself. This can either prevent the shifter from turning all the way and/or mess up the cable length/alignment.

    - PaulNM
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