Big News coming down the pike.....

I'm really surprised no one has posted about this yet, but last Friday (April 28, 2017) Chonk did a Facebook Live video Q&A on TerraTrike's Facebook page.  You can see it on the lower left of the main site's homepage. (Titled: Friday freebies with Chonk). Aside from answering questions, he also asked some trivia questions and gave out prizes to folks who responded. Actual contents start at about the 1:35 mark. (~18 minute video)

We learned some interesting stuff:

1: (1:40 mark) There'll be another Facebook Live announcement on Monday at 2:00pm EST unveiling the "adventure trike riding" thing they first teased about 2 weeks ago. (The main purpose of Friday's Q&A was to practice for this.) They may do freebies during this one as well.

2: (2:30 mark) They've been gearing up for the season and stock is pretty good. They don't expect to run out of anything.

3: (2:55 mark) Monday's product will be the first of 5 coming out this spring/summer. A new one will be released about every 2 or 3 weeks or so.

4: (6:00 mark) Tour II: He mentions how it was a direct lineage of the very first TerraTrike and  "It's been in our line forever. It hasn't been updated in many many many years. And we just found it didn't fit well into the product lineup. So we thought about doing a redesign of it, and decided to at this point just discontinue doing them right now in lieu of something new that might be coming this summer." (Followed by an exaggerated physical and verbal "WINK" "WINK".)

5: (7:35 mark) They have new $34.95 Teardrop flags this year. The four he showed are already on the site. I think they've been there for awhile, but some more designs may come out in the next year or two. 

6: (8:45 mark) They also have new $9.95 one-size-fits-all socks in 3 different colors. He gave away some. (I think they've also been in the store for a little while now as well, but they are relatively new.)

7: (10:05 mark) During a question about the best trike to tour across the USA: He mentions a bunch of current models, but ends with "besides all of that, I'd say stay tuned. WINK." 

8: (14:00 mark) They also have trike pins. They're a rubberized plastic "wireframe" side view of a Rover/Rambler/Traveler style trike. Looking to be about 4ish inches long, they have two pins in the back so you can attach them to hats/bags/etc. Multiple colors available and they come with a small drink coaster. He gave out a bunch of those, too. Should be on the site in a week or so.

Misc stuff interspersed throughout the video: Questions/thoughts about dog leashes, Traveler's tie rod design, chain lubing, his shirt, and carrying tools with you..

In the video comments someone asked about more colors for each model: "Hmmm maybe <wink wink>". There was also an unanswered question in the comments from one of our beloved forum members about the possibility of some kind of front chainring setup kit for Rovers.  

- PaulNM


  • My personal thoughts:

    This looks like the fruition of the internal analysis and refocusing TT has been doing over the last year or so. They'd been been putting a lot into expanding their dealership relationships and streamlining their internal workflow. (Not running their own store anymore and hiring an experienced PR agency, for examples.)

    Overall I see this as an exciting and positive direction for the company. I'm not usually a fan of "teases", but it doesn't bother me too much if there's at least a rough timeframe of when the info will get released. I hated the vague announcement two weeks ago, but am fine with Friday's video for exactly that reason.

    Curious to see if the Monday announcement is an upgraded offroad kit for the Rambler, for multiple models, or an entirely new offroad model. The teaser image is obviously Rambler-ish, but that might just be a placeholder to not give things away.

    I wonder if they have a new manufacturing partner, or if their existing one went through major upgrades? A more streamlined manufacturer would explain why it looks like some trikes appear to getting frame modifications and multiple color options may be appearing soon. (You could get custom colors previously, but doing so was something of a big deal.)

    Nothing really new about the Tour II. TT has pretty much sold people on it as a comfort/touring trike, not really emphasizing the lower seating and indirect steering.  I suspect that the "in lieu of something new" will end up being a more upright direct steer model that's billed as being more comfortable. (My money is still on an elastomer rear suspension model.)

    Not sure if the lack of response to the Rover chainring kit was due to lack of time, means there's nothing on the horizon at all, or a new Rover design is coming out that removes the need. I suspect the last one is unlikely. 

    The big thing for me personally is that we'll finally see if the various educated guesses I've been making are right. :)  

    - PaulNM

  • We don't want improvements at the cost of higher prices.  But, I'm  glad they are making changes.  Staying with the same products will never work.

    I would love to see a dealer in Southern Mississippi, Southern Alabama, or Northwest Florida.

    And finally, one size does not fit all.  They need to offer those sick in normal sizes.
  • The purpose of the Rover was to get a good trike at the $1,000 mark. The straighter frame and higher load limits were side effects of going to steel. That material and design combo is fairly inexpensive, especially compared to more complicated cro-moly trikes.

    TT isn't going to change that, especially as the Rover was their best selling model until recently. (Rambler now)

    Their focus is on "bringing triking to the masses" by making inexpensive and accessible designs. This is the one thing they are absolutely the best at. They're also good at making gradual improvements across the board, and not resting on their laurels.

    I think the socks are supposed to be extremely stretchy, but I see what you mean about size. Personally I wear long over the calf socks, as they help wick sweat out of my shoes and cover more skin.

    - PaulNM
  • Saw the new off road Rambler last wee in the process of being assembled at the semi local bike shop. Knobbier tires. Two fixed mounts for adjusting the seat position. Two gear rings on the front. Those are what was pointed out to me. There may have been more changes that I missed or that this old mind forgot. Being a junkie for 40 years will do that...
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      Any upgrade kit would be an asset to more Rover owners and bring new life back to a popular model.

      Kit's are upgrade options much like 24" to 26" wheels or off-road options are, giving already existing owners more options for their particular riding style and preferences. Has nothing to do with increasing the price(s) of current models. Instead these breath life back into consumers wanting more out of their TerraTrikes.

      Saw this beauty on a facebook forum. Rambler obviously.Imagine if that was a Rover, 'cept the rear wheel probably couldn't be as wide, yet still... the idea...  [-O<
      Rambler doesn't have the structural integrity that Rovers have, and Rovers have a 400# payload capacity for us heavier consumers. TerraTrike gave us a healthy option, and hopefully some upgrade options might be forthcoming. :)

    More than two-thirds (68.8 percent) of adults are considered to be overweight or obese. More than one-third (35.7 percent) of adults are considered to be obese. More than 1 in 20 (6.3 percent) have extreme obesity. Almost 3 in 4 men (74 percent) are considered to be overweight or obese.

    ¬ ITL
  • That's not a Rambler. I think it's a SunSeeker Fat Tad.

    I'm with you on the kit, though. At this point TT has sold a lot of Rovers. Quite a few owners are ready to upgrade capabilities, but have no need to get a whole new frame. The ones willing to buy a new trike are selling their Rovers to others who'll like to upgrade as well.

    Also, just because someone is heavy and/or obese doesn't mean they can't move fast or use a larger gearing range. There are quite a few disabilities/conditions that almost disappear on a trike.

    - PaulNM
  •   Was only adding that TerraTrike met a demand for everyone, not just those "under 250# or less" like other companies often do.

      Hmm, the above photo has a TerraTrike logo on the seat. Maybe it is a seat pack. Eyes haven't adjusted, been sick over last two days. :( One of the side-affects working for the CDC, getting exposed to germs.

      Here is this part of Idaho/Oregon one needs as much goat-head thorn protection as possible. Wondering which state is the Slime Capitol of the USA?

    ¬ ITL
  •   And thanks for posting, @PaulNM. I thought about it, but thought for sure someone else would of posted. I prefer your synapses of the event on the -play-by-play. :)>-

    ¬ ITL
  • That Sunseeker fat tad is an extremely heavy pig. It may roll slowly on flat land but it's going no where on hills. I tried to lift one at the bike shop and failed
  • Idaho,
    All those over weight people have options for weight loss. A trike isn't the answer for everyone.
  • The trike, combined with Weight Watchers and a gym membership, are doing the trick for me
  • That's very good. Keep at it. Riding a trike will help with weight loss but that alone is a slow process.
  •   While it is is easy for a non-overweight person to say there are options. Once you become over-weight those so-called options aren't what you think they are, nor easily accomplished.

      Trikes also help with those having mobility issues, gives them a new life and sense of adventure they would not have otherwise. But, that's a topic best suited elsewhere. :)

    ¬ ITL
  • People with various forms of ataxia and other neuromuscular conditions will have a hard time finding something better than triking.

    - PaulNM
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    Diet is an option. Obviously non overweight doctors know nothing. Riding a trike is a great activity but a slow way to loose weight.
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      Diet is not really an option. Eating correctly and correcting one's habits are a better alternative. Many require a lifestyle change, although not everyone can do that. Triking can be done both stationary with a trainer, or outside. While you may assume it is a slow process, it is a positive pro-action. Any form of physical exercise is a good thing.

      While one job I do is interview families for the CDC, am on my backside driving and interviewing more than anything else. It is my primary job. Then I got another PT job as a merchandiser. So one gives me exercise while the other doesn't so much. In between I ride the trike since finding two wheels and being over-weight is not a good equation. Took me 6 years before I was convinced the TerraTrike was worth the investment.
      Am merely a drop on the ocean compared to many others. Keeping an open mind is key to success and understanding.

    ¬ ITL
  • The trike helped my knees. Stronger knees allowed me to play Racquetball (albeit slowly). Weight Watchers helps me control intake.

    At 370 pounds, exercise is difficult to find that won't cause injury. The trike is one such exercise.

    Between all 3 I am slowly succeeding. But note that the very FIRST thing I required was knees that did not fail on me. The trike helped massively with that.
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    Did you guys see that chonk shut down the other thread that @IdahoTrailLizard started, saying that some of the comments had gotten nasty?

    Rather . . . sudden.  And right after we all vented a little on TT's changes (mostly hardware changes, but some directional). I wonder if it's related to those vents?

    How rude!
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      Not rude, this forum is hosted by TerraTrike after-all, not a third-party. Least it hasn't been removed - yet.

      If could of gotten the Dalai Lama to endorse TT during their last Scavenger Hunt I probably would of been a Rover owner sooner. I tried... LOL
      Have noticed that the Rover does indeed help stretch/exercise key muscles. Of all the exercises I've done over the years bicycling has been the most productive & least painful of them all - minus having to sit on a saddle. Now with clipped-in pedals I'm seeing even more benefits. Will say that my foot was rather sore and upset with me when I first initially got the SPD system. Am noticing my legs & knees want more exercise. Took a while to get the Rover to fit me. For that, you all have my thanks.

      If can get a front post (at correct angle) and a lower front gear, hills/grades/Idahoan winds might be a thing of the past. :) 

    ¬ ITL
  •   30 minutes till the TerraTrike Announcement. :D

    ¬ ITL
  • Still waiting with baited breath . . . . no announcement yet
  • I just watched a video on Facebook of the new model....
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      TT posted a YouTube video in there too.

    ¬ ITL
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    I'll be honest - I do love the work and changes they chose. This is a much better "all surface" trike than the All Road was.

    But . . . I'm not sure it really deserved all that fanfair. I expected something all new, given the lead-up teasing.

    I'll just keep watching for the next couple of months for the next announcements :-).  There's a rumor about the Rover getting a swept-back crosspiece, making it easier to sit into rather than fall into. If so, I will be asking TT how I can buy just the crosspiece.
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      Think this introduction was part 1 of 5 - if I understood correctly. Was this the highlight of them all, since the new model was already shipped out? 300# payload.

    ¬ ITL
  • I was more interested in the "wink" regarding a "touring trike" to replace the Tour II
  • I'm keeping in mind my desire to upgrade to a long ride low rider for when I get below 250 pounds
  • Yes. I saw that a week ago in the shop. I bought my wife last years model with both bars. We have no problem getting out of it. She said she didn't need the new clear indicator window. So we bought what they had in stock
    And are happy with the 330 hub
  • The fixed seat is a huge improvement.
  • The fixed seat was on the Rambler All Terrain. You think it'll be on the new Rover too?
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