Sturmey-Archer 8 Speed Hub

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  Sturmey-Archer got back to me, they want to replace the hub & shifter in case there may be some underlying issues. Have to go out an measure the axle, as they said was either 175mm or185mm.

  [quote]Thank you for contacting us. Read through your e-mail and even though the hub may be working now it is not right that it is not being adjusted correctly but still working. We would like to replace the internal on the hub for you. We will need to know the axle length in millimeters from end to end on the hub. Will be either 175mm or185mm. Your local shop can replace it for you and should not take them more than ten minutes or so.

The metal wires protruding under the sheath is normal wear as the cable / casing stretches from use. But I will send a replacement shifter your way as well just in case there was some issue with the shifter as well.

  Unsure how a hub can be replaced in 10 minutes. The spokes have to come off & be replaced, right?



  • Replacement shifter, too?  Very cool. I wouldn't have expected that to be included.

    So this was Sturmey-Archer and not TT that got back to you?
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      Yes, I wrote an email Sturmey-Archer.
      If the wheel has to be rebuilt am sure any LBS would have more work on their hands than a mere 10 minutes. Or maybe it's just the guts getting replaced? Unsure. More worried about the wallet impact of the replacement on my end.

      Explained the issue I had from day of purchase. Then asked: So the questions I had to ask, since the Sturmey-Archer X-RF8 is working now, even though the marker isn't dead center, is that cause of alarm? Should I have the hub sent back to TerraTrike for a warranty issue, or can I go ahead and ride it like it is - until or if another problem arises *if* it arises? Your manual says to contact you if the adjustment doesn't set in all gears.

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  • If I read your quote correctly it is just the internal they will be replacing. Still, seems like removing and reinstalling the wheel will be almost all of that 10 minutes!
  •   It's not TerraTrike's fault.
      In hind sight I should of left that bike shop when they obviously had no experience in fitting the trike. Was impulsive, drove 3.5 hours one way with all intentions of getting a Rover. Was trying to save money on shipping & having it assembled.

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    Sturmey-Archer added:
      If you want to just run the hub and if any problems arise I will take care of you. Or if you prefer new internal now we can do that as well. We have you covered how ever you want to proceed. Just let me know what works best for you.

    5 or 8 Speed Replacement Instructions

    • Remove hub cones on non-driveside
    • Using an adjustable spanner, hook spanner, or hammer and punch remove the old internal. It is a standard thread so left for loose. It may be tight so you may need to put some muscle into removing it.
    • Thread new internal into shell. Please take note of the two pawls on the bottom of the new cartridge. These contact the inside of the hubshell so you must take care when threading the new internal in.
      The best way to do this is thread in the new unit until it feels tight and then back it out about a quarter of a turn. Now turn the rotary gear shift mechanism (The black plastic piece the cable wraps around if an 8 speed hub) or the driver (part where cog mounts if on a 5 speed) counter clockwise until the pawls seat in the hubshell.
      The unit will thread all the way in by hand. If it does not repeat the above steps until the pawls are seated. If you force the cartridge in the pawls will become damaged.
    • Replace the hub cones and adjust the hub.
    • Make sure to dispose of the old internal

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  • Nice. Glad to hear they support their product
  •   Does anyone know any details about Sturmey-Archer's warranty or for how long it is? Had looked on their website, was unable to locate anything about a warranty.

      Taylor wrote back, 2016 Rover uses 185mm axles.  :)

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      On a good note I rode nearly 10 miles today over treacherous urban sidewalks, hard pack detour areas, asphalt, uneven sidewalks with 3 to 4 inch rises on either end, over glass, and about everything in between. Not a lick of a problem with the SA hub.
      Some grades were a modest 3% and long, others 6% to 11% at the end. Was in and out all the gears, including 2nd, and many times going from 1st to 2nd was an immediate load after switching gears. Not one issue. Joe did good.

      Stuff I rode on today, in Ontario, OR was worse that the Weiser River Trail was.

      Going down the Snake River Bridge the trike was picking up speed past 15 MPH and I lightly used the breaks to limit myself to 12 MPH. Ride the sidewalks in Ontario after the railroad underpass. Most vehicles the parked over the crosswalks backed up when they saw me coming across. One pickup slammed on his breaks and I was stopping before crossing, he waved me through.
      Most vehicles I waved on by and I'd wait, but if they had no access to their turn cause of traffic I took the advantage. Only issue I did have some coming back home at a busy intersection, some woman though she was too good to wait as I headed across the highway.
      Had an interesting ride. Am thinking the new subdivision roads & rural roads are MUCH MORE smoother than the ones in the small cities. When the sidewalk lean left though, a wee bit uncomfortable. Going to see about a pad of some sort for the thighs too.

      Not one issue in shifting nor pedaling.

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  • Excellent!
  • Idaho,
    Good progress, keep it up.
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      Learned brake-steering yesterday, at low speeds. Never seen so many obstacles. Am GLAD to had SPD pedals in yesterday!! Is funny, think many people see a trike as a handicapped person in a motorized wheelchair, that is until we pass them on by.
      Had some comments people yelled out, others honking, and kids poking their parents to look & waving at me. :)  And was invited to be a participant in not just one but two parades on the 13th. Roger rides his Path on these events, and some at Malheur Fairgrounds events, and invited me to go with him since we connected through a trike riding group I found on these forums somewhere. Maybe I can get some tips from him. :)

      Roger has a Schlumpf on the front of his with a NuVinci 330 in rear. Some of the stories this guy tells me, going down the Snake River Bridge at 30 MPH!!! Anything over 14 is seat-puckering for me.

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  • Kids love mine, they stand there looking as I go by and usually hear one of them saying "cool".
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