Are canopies functional or more of a classy addition to make the ride look cooler?

  Heard canopies don't do much for rain. And I wouldn't think they'd do much for sun unless you're riding east in the morning and west if the evening. Though the frame-work looks intriguing to add LED lights up top, perhaps solar panels, and light bars up higher. Could prolly do that without the fabric, though a partial sun screen might be benefit if the sun was directly overhead.

  Canopies look good but am trying to figure out what their real purpose is other than looking cool. Unless there was some sort of wind screen up front to deflect the on-coming breeze it would appear that canopies would add drag.
  And then there's the issue of cross winds, and if that blows the canopy over guess where you're trike is headed. Here in Idaho we get a lot of weird winds.

  Then I saw this... and though it cracked me up it looks fair dinkum, mate!  ;)  Da Brim at

  Which brings up another topic, and something I've had issues with... regular cycling helmets have a pathetic visor sitting up top, but I'm leaving back and the sun is like right in my face. Which is good, yet I don't like the glare cause am already devolving cataracts. Are there helmets made more for recumbent riders with low set visors, or are all cycling helmets the same?



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      Another shot of the Da Brim on a recumbent.  :)  Think I'll be getting one. LOL


      Man, is that fella loaded down in the back or what?!?

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  • There was a rider in Naples FL who wore a Da Brim every time she rode.  It looked stupid but must have worked.  I had an issue with the price.  It's cloth over plastic.  Give me a break!

    I agree, the brim on a bike helmet is useless.  I usually go without a helmet and instead wear a visor and an orange floppy hat.  The hat will blow backwards in the wind but the visor provides added protection.  I did not want sunburn ears  or a neck.  Down there it will quickly turn to skin cancer.
  • Going on safari, @jamesr ?
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    Here's what I wear:

  • Yo "Lizard"...  I too was frustrated by not having a visor given I was in a reclining position, but I came upon a solution which I use all of the time and it helps a bunch.  I wrote about it in my blog in May of last year.  See watcha think...
  • Jrobiso2, does your hat bend in the wind?  If not, that's what I need but I'd like it in a bright color light neon green or orange.

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    It bends, but I just got one of those metal things that look like a long, old-fashioned clothes pin and slide it on to the front. No more folding up in a facing wind (or speed breeze).

    But yes, it is fairly floppy.

    In truth, you can get the same style with a much firmer brim by going into any farm supply store (around here, we use Tractor Supply Co). They all sell similar designs but with firmer brims.

    The Tilley hat isn't intended as a safety item, so it doesn't come in day-glo colors. Sorry. The main reason I got it (10 years ago) was because it comes with a lifetime warranty from the UK manufacturer.
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    I started out wearing my sub ball cap under my helmet, but then I realized that the sweat wasn't doing nice things to the cap. Considering that the ship has been decommissioned and is now razer blades, making replacement near impossible, I switched to using cheap caps from conventions I've been to. OpenSuSE, Open Linux Foundation, etc. But all of them let too much light in the sides, so eventually I switched to my Tilley. But I wear a bandana under it to prevent sweat from soaking it.

    Tilley hats are machine washable, and you just set them out in the sun to dry. BUT, I hope to avoid that by using the bandana.
  • @IdahoTrailLizard, that guy in the pic has got the biggest panniers I've ever seen!
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      In 2013 rode down the Weiser River Trail: An older gentleman, riding a Schwinn, barely had any hair on his head said he was getting sun burned through the helmet's air slots. His solution was to use a simple bandana folded over. He said the air flow acted more like a swamp cooler. So there's a 98¢ solution for that. ;)

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  • Baseball cap or helmet, sunscreen and wrap around sunglasses with interchangeable lenses.
  • What kind of sunglasses do you have? Can they fit over eyeglasses?

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  • I've been using a product called Wide-Eyez for the last year or so.  It is a lot like a fighter pilot visor that drops down over my face.  It attaches to any helmet with two hook and loop patches and a pretty cool screw device.  The tinted one is good for low angle sun in the morning or evening.  An added benefit is that it diverts the wind around my hearing aids and reduces wind noise.  Paired with a set of Cat Ears, I can hear most conversations with my riding buddy and the traffic sounds.
  • PaulNM, no they sunglasses cannot fit over glasses.
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    Am still getting sunburned in the face when riding with Da Brim. Think I need to make an aluminum brace to keep the front brim down, but still...

    Has anyone has any success if fabricating their own make-shift canopy to gaurd from the sun's blasting rays in the summer?

    Am also wondering when the heat gets above 100° F does a canopy provide sufficient relief from the heat/sun to make a difference?

    Do not hear much feedback when it comes to canopies other than how attractive their design is or not. Has anyone done a review of using a canopy, the pros and cons?

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