Pool Noodles

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  Walmart put out their pool noodles in 15mm and 26mm thick walls. So was wondering... should I take the seat off and get two 15mm pool noodles and cover both sides of the seat tubes for their entirety or just the seat? This is to reduce the discomfort of long rides and the poking of the back of the thighs issue that some of us heavier dragon riders have.

  The other thing was pondering on the drive home was to add the 26mm pad over the light-bar to act as a cheap headrest.

  Also thought about cutting a section just enough to fit in between the seat. The cut this in half, and lay it in an almost S shape over one another and put one section back in the lumbar area, and another in the shoulder area.
  Has anyone tried this, or do you run multiple pool noodles down the entirety of the seat, setting side by side? Think this would generate more heat which could be good in the winter months although I've never had a cold bum.



  • If you plan to put the noodles under the seat materials, it's possible but you'll have to deal with two issues. One, the seat material has caps that go over the ends of the tubes to hold it on. You'll need to make the noodles shorter than the tubing in order to fit. The other is that there's not much clearance under the seat material. Things will be pretty tight even before you start connecting the straps.

    Over the seat, you'll have to figure out how to get it to stay on. Either way it should be interesting. :)

    - PaulNM
  • Dollar Store items here in west Michigan. A YouTube video shows a tube on a pvc tube for a headrest. I thought of the seat as well. A week ago I added the full foam and wedge foam and she is much happier with that setup. I will put them on the adjustable seat tubes to lash a cylinder water cooler to it. Soften any noise.
    The full pad under seat prevents the pvc pipe from being inserted in back as part of a headrest. I'll field any ideas that don't include cutting of that $40 foam to make room for said pipe.
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