Rover mounting accessories

What hardware do you use to mount the water bottle to the Rover stem along with the computer? I'm also considering adding lights but really cant tell how to outfit the Rover with accosory mounts. Any suggestions?


  • Here are some photos of how I did it using Minoura mounting hardware
  • I also mounted lights this way image
  •   There are various mounts on the TT Accessories listing. The handlebar mount is nylon. Others use an aluminum Minoura mount (Search

      The best overall mount accessory is probably the most expensive, though it has a lot of uses past it's intended purposes. Versa Bars at $90
      Not only do the Vera Bars allow an easier option to get in and out of the seat, they also give new real estate for mounting options. Each bar can be outfitted with a Mirrycle Mirror on the bar ends, can mount a cycle computer by either a T or L bracket but also directly on the stem, there are water bottle mount on each bar which really helps!

      Here's my driver's side view.  :)

  • imageimage

    here they are image

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      So that one mount holds a light & a water bottle? Not seen that one before. ;)
  • Thanks so much. Very helpful. I've been trying different brackets and moving the computer and water bottle to different configurations.
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