Dealer Praise for Sun Cycle Center

I bought my first recumbent trike today after riding MTB's only for several years. I was originally planning to order a Path 8 from Utah Trikes but I called and talked to Lori earlier this week and she suggested I visit Sun Cycle Center in Tavares, FL so I could at least testride a few models and see how I liked them. I searched around Jacksonville, FL where I live for a few weeks and got absolutely no love from any of the LBS's about recumbent trikes. In fact, only one shop here even had any on their floor and they had 2 Catrikes which I immediately didnt like after sitting on that ridiculous seat...

I took the 2 hour ride down to Tavares this morning and I met up with Richard there. I cannot put into words how great it was to work with such a great guy. He was knowledgeable and most importantly, patient. He spent from 9am until 11am with me until we loaded up my new Cruiser for me to head out. A full 2 hours he dedicated to helping me out with my decision. Its sad to say that the LBS's here in Jacksonville, I visited seemed like they were just trying to either quickly make a sale or sweep you out the door.

I just wanted you guys to be aware of how great a job Richard is doing selling your trikes and pleasing customers. My wife and I talked when I got home today and we are heading back on June 12th to allow her some test rides and to buy her a TT to replace your MTB as well. All due to Richards great service!

After seeing the story about what you guys did for Nicholas by replacing his stolen trike, my mind was made up that I was going with a TT. That type of generosity speaks volumes on a companies character and culture in my eyes. After dealing with Richard, the quality of your trikes and the incredible experience at the dealer, Im a TT fan for life!

Thanks for providing such a great product and a great dealer network!

Russ Johnson
Orange Park, FL
TerraTrike Cruiser


  • We love to hear feedback about our dealers! Especially good feedback :D
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
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