Wanted Alpaca Trike Carrier

Hey, it's a long shot, but I'm in the market for a hitch mounted carrier for my two Tour II trikes.  I'm located in West Michigan and would be willing to drive a fair distance depending on the price.
Keith at klewisday@gmail.com


  • I saw one on Bentrider Online. Go to classifieds and then parts & accessories.

    I built my own car top carrier and I know others have modified standard hitch platforms for their trikes. There were a few threads on that subject last year.
  • Thanks for the reply. The seller is in FL and is looking to sell locally. I'm in MI.
    Car top isn't an option. That real estate is used for kayaks.
  • The Alpaca Carrier might not work if you already have kayaks on the roof.  My trike sits way above the top of my Escape.  Two would take up more room.  Here's some pictures of how the trikes sit on that rack.  https://www.alpacacarriers.com/

    You might consider a double decker carrier from Hitch Rider.  http://www.hitchrider.com/trike-rack.htm ;
  • I have a 2 place would sell I am in Flint, Michigan
  • Please contact me via email at klewisday@gmail.com for specifics and pricing.  Thanks for your response!
  • I messaged guess not interested in this carrier
  • I apologize, but I mistakenly deleted the email. However, by the time I spent monewy got the gas to head over to that side of the state, I could buy a new carrier. Thanks for responding.
  • we go to Muskegon a few times a year if still interested
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