Traveling with Rover on truck cap

By cap I mean an Undercover, on the F150. Thought of locking the brakes, blocking the wheels with wood-covered-rubber spray material. The cap is as slippery as a Rover seat. Using ratchet straps to keep trike in position as well. Our kayak trailer will be filled so that is not an option. Maybe even remove the seat. Maybe 67 mph at most. Have a month before we go north.


  • TT sells a "rooftop carry" kit that might help, especially if you are able to use the hooks or holes that are in the sides of your truck bed. It has wheel chocks that are of a sticky kind of rubber on the bottom, and plenty of strapping. It's intended for use on a car roof, with the straps going through the door openings.
  • But is $100. That is what I am trying to dodge. I'm wondering if just ratcheting it down and locking brakes will hold it in position. Don't think it will come out clean after a highway impact.
  • Is your bed cover firm, or soft? If firm, you can probably just buy some foam wall insulation material from Home Depot and make your own wheel chocks with a hot blade, and use standard ratchet strapping to hold it down (in addition to wheel brakes). Add some rubberized material to the bottom of the chocks to prevent slipping.
  • They profess it will support like 6 people standing on it. I have some black Permatex that I may try on the bottom of the blocks to grip the cap. Will let you know how it goes.
  • I've driven from Western NY to Eastern NJ with a trike/quad conversion - just ratchet straps. I also drove from Cleveland OH to Northern NY when I bought my Rambler - just ratchet straps. Those trips were in my Subaru and I do have a luggage rail.

    My work truck has no rack and a slick, smooth top. If I had to transport my trike on top, I would set the front wheels in the crevice between the cap and the cab as a chock. I would then try 3 or 4 ratchet strap configurations until I found one I was happy with.

    You would probably be able to see the pedals out the top of your windshield which would give you piece of mind. I have made two 300 mile trips - but I was constantly checking my rear view mirror to see if the trike was on the highway. I was confident in my rigging abilities, but that's a lot of trike!

    Good luck and safe travels!
  • Drove a few miles with Rover on top of cap. Two ratchet straps kept it in place, though not highway speeds. Going to take seat off and a camera bag I lashed to the rear rack. Then should be ready for 67 mph. Now I just hope for dry conditions.
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