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I bought my trike on 21FEB2017 and I put barely 8 miles on it. I believe it's an 8 speed bike. I would like to sell it for $1,000.00 or best offer. I live in the Triangle Area but I am willing to deliver it if you fall within 90 mile range of me and can meet on a weekend. I stopped using the bike because it hurts me and I need to get a regular seating two wheel bike. I'm a big guy trying to lose weight and it's why I bought the Rover originally.


  • Don't give up on the Rover yet.  If you need to lose weight, it is the best option.  Besides, it's hard to balance on a 2-wheeler if you are heavy.

    We all can help you make adjustments so it doesn't hurt you.  There is a wide variety to be made.
  • Sounds like the trike wasn't fitted to you. Take a light-hearted look at my lengthy saga on getting Rover fitted to me. It may save you a lot of time researching on your own. https://www.terratrike.com/ttforum/discussion/3374/new-2016-rover-internal-8-picture-heavy

    ¬ ITL
  • I have seen in the accessories that a wider seat and frame is available.
  • Are you willing to ship the bike?
  • I gotta say one thing that's been touched on here. If riding the Trike hurts you, it's probably misadjusted for you. You didn't say what hurts, though, so without more information it's going to be hard to find the adjustments you need to work on.

    Also of note... If riding a trike hurts, riding a DF or upright bike is likely to cause even more pain. Your neck is going to get stiff, shoulders and elbows are going to feel the shocks and bounces as you ride. Knees and seat are going to feel the strains of the pedaling and sitting, etc.

    Recumbent tadpole trikes are the least painful way I know of to get out and ride. I literally tell everyone that asks, it's like riding a recliner. The only difference is, you move your feet and your a$$ just follows.

    Take things slow. There are different muscle groups used differently than on a DF bike. And you likely haven't used them in that manner before. They just aren't used to working in the way riding a trike asks of you. Give it some more tries. Keep the rides short, etc. Work your way up to some serious distance... One of the old time posters here who has moved on to other forums named Peter_C has always said his first trike ride was only 100 yards.... (He was well over 300# when he started, has had both knees and shoulders replaced as well as other ailments. And it took him a long time to get worked up to 'round the block rides.)
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