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Was getting the trike ready for parades today and noticed the left wheel had a section that looked like the tread was wore down excessively. Now I've only had one time where I had to brake fast, but I can't see how that would wear down about 1 foot of tread on one side.
Tires only have about 120 miles on them. Not impressed with the wear, but why only the left wheel - and in that one section (midpoint to edge)? Can't post a photo due to forums bugs.

The wheels are lined up, and I keep them aired up, and I'm the only rider. /le sigh

Wondering if I should get some tires with deeper tread, as these Road Cruisers don't even have 1/8" deep tread on them since purchase.



  • May be mounted incorrectly
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    Was trying to find @JamesR's comment on tires when I realized they were all gone.
    Think he said Kenda Flames up front and Maxx Daddy in the rear.

    Roger, fellow I rode with today in two parades uses Marathon Plus tires, and a NuVinci 380 IGH. His 360 kicked the bucket after 6+ years on his Path.
    Those Marathon Plus come with a hefty price tag too. Nearly $50 each. $150 for 3 /faint

    Don't have time for a 3rd PT job... /wants a sugar momma ;)

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  • I have two very low mileage Marathon 20" l might sell.
  • TCEd said:
    I have two very low mileage Marathon 20" l might sell.
    What are you running now, if I may inquire?

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    The Kenda Flames that JamesR and I are running ran about $20 apiece. But I can't find the link I bought them from, so can't point you to them. Perhaps JamesR still has it bookmarked? Those were 20"x3.0", BTW. And they are an OK suspension, if you think you need it. I run them at 40# and they ride pretty well.
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    Idaho, Schwalbe Durano tires, no tread and very narrow, 1.1 ". Did it for speed. 20 front, 26 rear, 90 psi
  • Have there always been few choices in the 20" size?
  • Was browsing tires earlier at Performance Cycle (?). Large selection, though mostly BMX stuff.

    Prefer tires with a thorn resistance built-in if at all possible even though I do run a barrier & slimed tubes.
    Our roads probably aren't like everyone's roads. And there are times I do cut across tough turf (try to avoid it) and hardpack.

    So... was considering a more urban tire that can take it, and compatible with the stock 2016 Rover rims.

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  • Marathon's run about $30 around here. More for the Plus.
  • the flames at 40 psi max ride as good as big apple plus at 35 psi minimum, more rubber. looks like the flames are also being rebranded under sunlite, seem to be gaining in popularity. chayoyang tubes maybe 1 psi or less loss per week, sunlite also has a 20x3 tube.
  • One question I have is this. Will a 3" wide tire successfully mount on a standard Rover rim? Won't pop off mid- ride?
  • Also a 20x3 Schrader tube? Biketiresdirect did not bring a tube up after a search.
  • havent had em pop off from the terratrike rims. Elrique has had em around longer, probably a lot faster and bouncier, better one to ask. easy to put on, take off with thumbs. yeah - schrader valve tubes. outfits that sell the flames and not the tubes along with annoy. the chaoyang link will take you to the amazon sales site. dunno about monster scooter, cheaper - i air tires once a week. cst, bontrager, kenda, schwalbe tubes lose about 5 psi a week. the chaoyangs, maybe 0.5 psi. thornproof kinda stuff.
  • Those Kenda Flames will fit nicely on the stock TT rims. They are a little "rounder" than if they were put onto a rim designed for the width. The tread area is more round than it probably should be, as the sidewalls pull in the tread a bit.

    I had a flat with one of the standard 2.125" tubes, where the tube bulged on both sides of the valve stem. And one of the bulges had a small hole in it. As I already had 3 more tubes I took this "bad" one, cut out the stem and split it to make a tire strip to go inside the tire around the tube. So far no flats yet. I'll be doing this to the other 2 tires as well, if I have issues.

    I draw the line at adding just one additional tube, though. Won't be putting in another on a tire already treated this way. I just wanted a little more rubber between the tire and the tube to help prevent any thorn or other puncture. So far it's working great.
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