rover steering

had been wondering a year or two [old and slow kinda thing] why the rover was not as nimble as the rambler. had picked up a set of bushings for the beast awhile back and it being in pieces at the moment, decided a good time to change out the bushings as a general kinda thing. holy shinola! ran a finger inside the old bushings - all seemed to be coated with something tacky. cleaned spindles and housing, lithium greased same and inside of new bushings. wow! any thoughts of retrofitting with the new headset stack have vanished.


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    When I greased mine the inside had a grey filmy substance that was not slick at all. Cleaned that out and used a red high temperature grease. Major difference. Even greased the joints on the tie rods.

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  • I think I just have to suck it up and make the attempt myself to do this lube job. Should probably check the tire alignment too
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