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anyone who has ever posted this site now has their email address and ip posted for the world to see. SUGGEST GETTING A NEW EMAIL ADDRESS IMMEDIATELY


  • Yup, just change email address to the one that gets spammed a lot & had filters. Strange, I did not select the option to share my email address to anyone. Thanks.

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  • Are you thinking the site was hacked, altered, and compromised I take it? @chonk said he only added the quotes and nothing else.

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    I suspect that various "security" options where changed and possibly some modules enabled/disabled. (Everything that's showing now is a configurable option.)

    I doubt the site itself was attacked, it looked more like an automated create-account-then-post-spam situation.

    Haven't received any emails, though I agree it would be trivial to harvest everything off the site as it currently is. Especially if the user pages aren't in robots.txt.

    - PaulNM

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    removed due to being completely wrong
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  • James relax and quit making accusations the site has been compromised. It hasn't. That accusation is false and very misleading. Everything is fine now. It was an overlooked setting that allowed registered users to be able to see email addresses and IP's. I turned it off. All is good. Go ride.
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