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We went for another ride today. Returning to truck and lifting Rover onto the bed, the chain had jumped off the sprocket/gear on the crank. Seems a bit slack. 2nd time this has happened. Took seat off and rolled Trike over to see the Allen screws. Loosening them, how easy should the sections move? Last owner moved it so he could try it out, from the short position that was set for his wife. Thanks, the rookie.


  • Had issues with the chain popping off the sprocket when the balancing the Rover on its rear wheel. Now I pick it up when loading it, or at least hook the front wheels over the spoiler of the Suzuki before repositioning to load it up top.

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  • only brave souls take the seat off - easy grub screw access just turning rover on right side. chain slack probably the rear axle shifting. elephant torque on the axle nuts should solve. i run my axles all the way forward in the dropout to avoid and tension using a foot on the seat frame and tugging on the main [sprocket] tube. sliding ease - all 4 grub screws loose [they need their threads greased] - hold on to the seat, grab a pedal, main tube slips toward the rear ultra-easy. to tension chain, tighten the screws on the cruciform, place foot on seat frame, pull the cruciform to tension the chain and tighten the rear 2 screws. then loosen the cruciform screws, shove it back against the tube, tighten the screws and should not have coming off the sprocket problems. this was how done [in a more delicate manner] in the now-departed rover assembly video.
  • The rear axle is almost to the end of the slot. So to move it deeper I need to have the front pedal boom extended more. I will try. If it doesn't work then I will take it to the Holland dealer. It's TT and I am the third owner. Not sure where the first bought it from. 7th gear is slipping when I put good pressure on it for more speed. Maybe they can fix that. Why do u think the videos were deleted??
  • Sound like you need a small overhaul. A new rear cassette and probably a chain. Can't move the axle all the way ahead in the slot as the derailleur hanger takes up room on right hand side, but staying in line should not be a prob. Place a bet it's the cassette sprocket main prob, plus chain. $60 of parts should fix it up like new. Service the derailleur at same time. Also remove the front boom completely, check for rust and grease/oil it to prevent further corrosion.
  • It's a Nexus hub.
  • Going to the nordth country in a week where there is little cell service. If I climb the 200' ridge across the road I MIGHT be able to get online. Taking trike with me. Will have time to play around with it. Front boom was at medium setting. Hope it is not rusty Inside. Thanks for the tips.
  • I would have said to cut a couple links from the chain, but if you are not the original user, then yes, new replacement chain (KMC Z-72 is standard and not expensive) is called for. You'll need 4 boxes from Amazon. All of 3, a little of #4, and buy a package of Z-72 master links (box of 6 is about $10). If you prefer that your LSB does the work and buying, just make sure they buy/use KMC Z-72 for an 8 spd Rover. With the chain going in the smallest cog in the rear gear set (this IS an external gear set, right?), there should be enough chain so that the derailleur is almost sideways, with the return chain almost horizontal to the chain over the derailleur spinner and missing touching the chain going over the first derailleur spinner wheel by 1/2 to 1" distance. It can be farther/have more tension if you only have a single ring up front, because the whole "barely missing the chain above it" comes from needing to have enough slack both for the rear gear set as well as 2 more rings up front. Adjust the amount of chain you use from the 4th box to meet the above requirements. YouTube is your friend for this job. My text explanation doesn't do justice to how easy it is. I found a YouTube video on assembly of the "Performer J20" trike to be a VERY good reference on sizing your chain for a rear gear set. The principles are universal.
  • This is the Shimano Nexus 8 speed internal hub.
  • I have used a tool years back for popping a chain apart. Don't know why I bought it. Maybe I soaked a chain for a bit. Too old. Don't remember back then. :)
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