Seat squeaking?

My Rambler is a little over a month old. I have a pretty good grip on tightening, lubing, and cleaning, but my seat is making a Teririble noise when I am pedaling hard. Not so much when I am cruising slowly. Any ideas or tips on how to silence this? Also, my chain tube keeps working its way forward.


  • check seat-mount bolts for tightness - a dab of loc-tite blue helps keep them that way. also check the seat support tubes at both ends for tight bolts. replacing the pins with bolts and nuts can help with seat stiffness. if quick-release is needed, velogenesis clamps from are said to work well. same site has nice by-the-foot chaintubes and a rig for floating them, much lower cost to diy with zipties. replacing the rambler clamps with automotive hose-clamps [rubber lined] should do the job if you prefer fixed tubes.
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