What is the Bead Seat Diameter of 2016 Rover?

Was browsing some tires and they seem to hop around at 406, 420, and 440 bead diameters. So before I go to ordering how does one find out where the "bead seat diameter" in on their Rover? I have the 2016 blue honeycombed trike.

Older photo before attuning: http://i1381.photobucket.com/albums/ah227/CyberneticRanger/TerraTrike Rover i8/DSC01432_zps9372eblz.jpg


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    TT's 20 inch tires are 406. The 26 inch wheels are 559.

    The bead seat diameter is the diameter of where the bead of the tire sits on the wheel, and will therefore be slightly less than the diameter of the rim itself. It can be manually calculated by first measuring the diameter of the rim in millimeters. Then measure the distance from the edge of the rim to where the tire bead sits. Double that (to account for the top and bottom of the rim), then subtract from the rim diameter.

    - PaulNM

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    as example, you can get a 16-inch wheel as either 305 or 349 erto size. a 305 tire will not fit a 349 rim, nor a 349 fit a 305 rim. great pity - i have a 349 and all the wide 16-inch knobbies are for 305 rims [except, maybe, specialized - used to be store pickup only but that may have changed]. whatever, buy only erto 406 tires for terratrike 20-inch rims. if the tire dont say 20x406, may not fit.
  • Wow. At that price can't beat it. Hope they offer them again that low for when I need em.
  • Yup, spoke with Michael of TT to double-check.
    20 inch, 406 bead diameter just like what y'all said. Rims will hold 1.25" to 2.0" tires.

    Think I need to go buy a book to write all this stuff down in that I've learned.

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    Ordered a set of Schwalbe Marathon Plus 20 Inch 406 Tires a bit ago.
    Applications: Training/Recreational, Commuting/Urban :) ~ Right up my alley, so to speak.

    70 PSI. Schwalbe Road Cruisers are 65 PSI.

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    Interesting. Velotech Inc of Portland, OR is shipping the tires.
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    I know TT says the rims will hold a 2.0" tire but from personal experience I know that this is not quite right. I've had 2.125" tires and 3.0" tires on the rims and they work very well.

    Of course, YMMV...
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    Elrique64 said:
    I know TT says the rims will hold a 2.0" tire but from personal experience I know that this is not quite right. I've had 2.125" tires and 3.0" tires on the rims and they work very well.

    Of course, YMMV...
    No worries :)
  • That's the exact tire I put on the back of my Rover. Got mine from Amazon for $39 and that included shipping. As soon as the CST tires in front wear through the pattern, they are getting regular Marathons. I'll reserve the use of Plus just for the back. If I lived where there are goat heads, I'd likely put the Plus ones all around, AND include the green goop tubes like I did in the back.
  • Can send you some goat heads if you're feeling left out. :P
  • At under $20 a tire, going to the Flames 3" tires almost seems like a "no brainer". They fit the rims, and provide a bit more cushion for the ride. And they seem to run fairly well. Biggest issue is rubbing on the back, which you can mitigate by moving the tire rearward about half of the dropout.

    Really want to find someone that makes the yellow Nexus axle washer in a chain tensioner, now. So the wheel can be prevented from sliding forwards. I have a couple of Square Box tensioners I might try finding someone to weld up for me.... :)
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    Wished there was a device, that could last for 20 to 30 minutes, to give a person a boost going up a hill or when they're pooped but need to keep going. Have it sit ahead of the rear wheel, and then kick in when a lever/cable/button is engaged. A trike rider's own turbo boost so to speak. :)
  • BBS02 mid-drive is what that's called, @IdahoTrailLizard. And like everything else in cycling, it costs an arm and a leg.
  • probably need to reorient shift cable but https://www.niagaracycle.com/categories/sturmey-archer-non-turn-washer-4mm inside of chainstay and https://www.niagaracycle.com/categories/origin8-chain-tension-adjuster-black outside of chainstay. nexus anti-torques are 5 mm [at least the ones i have] and have used both 2mm and 4 mm sturmeys in mix and match on both sturmey and nexus hubs.
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    Roger swears by his N380. Said I wished, but is too expensive. He says it's only money. Ha! Only money... I should ask him for an 11K biscuit then - LOL. (I won't, not that type.)

    Would <3 to get a N360 on the Rover if it's as good as everyone claims it is. And unless I ever hit the big $$ on an occasional lotto ticket it won't be happening any time soon. :neutral:

  • Jrobiso2 said:
    BBS02 mid-drive is what that's called, @IdahoTrailLizard. And like everything else in cycling, it costs an arm and a leg.
    Impressive... but yeah, spendy.
  • E-Assist can be spendy. And I guess it's a factor of how much you want to spend, etc... There are systems out there that can run into the $2000 or $3000 before the bike/trike. Then again, there are ebikes that start at $10,000 or more...

    For the Rover with all of its real estate, the Bafang is the biggest bang for the buck. And you can put it together little bits at a time, until you have a whole system. Maybe that's the news @chonk has... Some sort of Veterans Layaway plan? :)
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    Am guessing it's a Veterans FSA or shared-account system to help veterans out. Would almost be willing to bet a few cool ranch & honey BBQ Fritos bags on it. :) But @chonk doesn't read these messages so we're safe. :P
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    Put Rover's new shoes on today. :) image Learned one has to adjust their Sturmey-Archer gears after replacing the tire.

    Say, does anyone have method of centering their rear tire? The chain tube sort of interferes with the visual alignment.

  • Found a couple of mounting holes underneath the Rover, and a bar coded serial number as well. Sneaky stuff!
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    These Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires are beast! /Rawr!
    Super smooth on the rough asphalt out here, gained a few MPH just coasting down the RR grade near home and was gliding even further down the road in 8th gear. These tires have less rolling resistance than the Road Cruiser. In fact I was able to stay in a higher gear than with the Road Cruiser tires.
    These do handle gravel on the side of the highway much better. What few rocks I slid over the tires immediately gripped. Even road through water without a worry.
    These tires are going to be fun on the Weiser River Trail.

    Test driving a GoPro Hero4 Session. Only thing I don't like about it is the battery lasts around 1.5 (or so) hours.
    Can tether it to Da Brim's front velcro strap with a good hand leash. Supposedly it can record while charging, so may see if I can mount a small battery pack on the back of the helmet and give that a shot.

    The price I can manage somewhat, though was over budget again this month with the tire replacement.

  • Did you do Plus all around or just for the rear, and regular Marathon for the front? I've got Plus in the rear already (no jokes about plus-sized junk in the trunk, please) and I'm considering regular Marathons for the front as soon as these CST treads start thinning more.
  • All three.
    I have big junk all around. Nothing's small on this ride.
    If I get the inclination might hit up he lower portion of the WRT today.
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    Well... found the lower end of the Weiser River Trail, at the Weiser Trailhead was rough! Largest chucks of gravel I ever did see on a trail. This section seriously need heavy dirt/sand mixed in & gone over with a rock crusher - something!

    However... Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires came through unscaved. 1 mile up, another mile back. These tires are BEAST! /Rawr!!

    Found a small section of shade on the way back. :)
  • Had a few drive slips on the rocks, but that wasn't any fault of the tire. Can only go so far back before the feet start hitting the crossbar. ;)
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    1.15 miles up this rough trail. Put Hero Session on time lapse, and went back down the thing. It's MUCH faster in time lapse. ;) Had creeped/plodded at 3 to 4 MPH. Once hit 5, but that did not last long. Was quite the workout!

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