24 in whells on a tour.

wanting to put 24 in wheels up front and 26 on the rear on a whiz wheelz terra trike tour. Doable ? results ? concerns?


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    As long as the rear has clearance for the wheel, there shouldn't be any issues doing both. The problem is going to be an extra 3" from the axle to the "Y" of the rear "fork". (The arms are called chainstays, I believe, but not sure what the exact name of the "Y" is.)

    I think that the Tour 2 could have 26" on the rear. Not sure the differences of the Tour and the Tour 2.

    For the front, you are going to need different fenders, if you have a set on. That's about the only major issue with 24" on the front. As long as the hub is designed for the axle, should be good.
  • I have 24" wheels all around and love them. I also put 1.95 balloon tires on. If you have the wide handlebars, this change puts your hands dangerously close to the tires. I think it might be ok with the stock handlebars. Jamesr needs to ring in. He puts a smaller wheel on the back and gets a better ratio for performance. I don't know all the science behind it.
  • The Tour can't take a 26. The Tour II can, but requires the dropout extension. - PaulNM
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