Live GPS broadcast?

Does anyone have a favorite app (iPhone) that they use to broadcast their live position? I have used the iMessage (text) feature that allows selected people to view your current position, but I want more. Ideally a map that anyone can pull up (device independent) and see your realtime progress.


  • I'm presently using Strava, but you have to tell it to send a link to a specific person or persons. I think Map My Ride is similar. Both Strava and MMR will save your rides. Glympse will let you broadcast your location and movements real time to designated people for a designated amount of time. G is commonly used by parents to track their kids! :))
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    Strava has this, but only for premium members. They call it Beacon. Up to three of contacts can track you in real time during your activity. They get a text message with a link to a real-time map. They do NOT need to be Strava members. Not sure if the 3-person limit is just on how many people they'll send texts to, or if the map page they provide enforces that limit somehow. (Not premium member, so can't try it out.)

    I don't have personal experience with this, but I've come across the free "Glympse", available for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile. ( According to the description it doesn't require recipients to have their app either.

    - PaulNM

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