Recumbent cycling jersey

I would love to have a TerraTrike jersey to show my love (plus looking like a somewhat serious cyclist).


  • We've considered it in the past, it's just our customers are not the jersey wearing type, plus they're kind of expensive to manufacture. That being said, we've been looking into some solutions to try and make that happen. Possibly in the fall.
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  • Problem with jerseys on recumbents vs on a DF... only the front can be seen! Half the advertising gone to waste! I have a safety slip on that I was wearing, but I've since started to drape it over the back of the seat extending out over the rack. I've had lots of comments by drivers that it makes me really visible, especially at night.

    Maybe Terratrike could have something like that, that serves to advertise and alert!
  • Plus, the little pockets are in the back. We would never be able to reach them. We would need pockets on the front or the side.
  • Lumbar support for the back pocket, if was up higher.
  • So you see my point. It would have to be purpose designed.
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
    Marketing Dude @TerraTrike

    You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretsky
  • A fashionable vest for trikers might be easier, with TerraTrike logo patches. A night BIG patch on the back when not riding, like at a pub, energy drink bar, teasing the workout places, around town, having a steak or burger. Something classy that mimics a motorcycle club but promotes TerraTrike and can be worn with anything. :D
  • When I ride by the workout places and see them people on the treadmills or stationary cycles - I go by saying, "You're doing it all wrong! Get a TerraTrike!!" :P
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    Could even go one step further on the TT vest idea. Have it made by "special order" where TT has their patches and logos to go in certain places.

    The customer can go order through TT's link to choose the material and/or type of vest, cause some might want cloth, others leather. Then the vest can be made to your size and have all the patches sewn on and sent to the customer.

    However, if this is done, the outfit ought to be prepared to have 4XL to perhaps 6XL available as well as the regular sizes. Nothing erks me more than wanting a 4XL vest and the outlet only has 2XL.
    Then also depends on their sizing too, as a 5XL might have a better width fit if the vest is made in another country.
  • Suddenly this is sounding more like a Harley or Gold Wing forum.
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    And what's wrong with Gold Wingers? Very prestigious motorcycle group they are, and gave lots to charities.

    Not to mention I rode a Honda Helix with their many poker runs - for the fun! :D Trikes need groups for similar runs too me thinks.
    Oh snap! Guess I rode 20 inch wheels in my youth too. /gasp
  • A vest with pockets would be great. I found wearing my hoodie worked well with the large front pocket. It was usually cold out and a kleenex was readily available to wipe my runny nose.
  • Speaking of Poker runs, I am doing this in a few weeks.
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    Peanut wrote: »
    Speaking of Poker runs, I am doing this in a few weeks.

    Awesome! Glad that trike/bikes/etc do events like that! :D
    Around here there events for 25, 50, and 100 KM rides. None seems to get creative about it, though there are check points with hydration ad a snack. Poker runs are more fun.

    Do remember a ride with the Christian Riders Association. Had actually won a youngest rider award and it's hanging on the wall.
  • Recumbent jerseys are out there. Pockets in the front! I just want one with TerraTrike all over it! Hell yes! I am part of the solution!
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    Why not. All TT has to do is provide the graphics, logos, and slogans. Then have it custom made through a special order. Hopefully TT would get a cut in the sales.

    If TerraTrike would make patches, BIG and small I'd have my own vest made. They own the logos, trademarks, and slogans, "TerraTrike, Part of the Solution!"
    I'd wear a classy vest more than I would a cap. ~ (Would wear a TT cap at work if they sent one my way. One with a blue TT pin on it.)
  • Wife is riding in a 120 mile plus event in Georgetown, Ky. tomorrow and Sunday. 500+ mile drive just to get to the start.
  • ^^^^ sorry, posted in wrong section.
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