Gear slipping

Today while riding my Shimano Nexus hub went from 7th back into 6th. I knew this cause I dropped it back into 6 there was no change. What needs to be fixed? Rode yesterday but today it did more jumping. What can I do to eliminate choices before taking it to a lbs?


  • You probably need to adjust the barrel on the shifter. There's a little window on the hub, that has 2 yellow lines. You run the shifter to 8 then back down to 4, and then look at the window. (Right side, top of the hub, in front of the chain.) Adjust the lines so they match up.

    This is something you need to look at periodically, as the cables can stretch, things get bumped, etc. Just as you check the brakes, you should check the seat is tight, shifter adjusted correctly, chain is tight, tires inflated, etc. (Mirrors adjusted...)

  • I saw the yellow lines back there. I will look. Thanks.
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