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Took my first ride through drizzle and extreme humidity but it felt great. I almost got lost but had my cellphone with me and used GPS to find my way. I did 6 miles and have 144 to go to make my goal.

Found an issue on my Rover. Both brakes are squealing. What do I do to fix this?


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    Could be debris or a sand particles. Holes in the disc are supposed to dislodge debris as well as keep the disc cooler. Try using an air compressor to blow out debris from between the pads & disc. Or wait it out.

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  • Ok. I have canned air. I'll try that.
  • Ok. I have canned air. I'll try that.

    Probably won't be enough force to dislodge sand particles.

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  • Good news! The squeak is gone. After I brought it up north in the rain, I only made one ride, then it sat for 3 weeks. I think the inactivity and the humidity here cause the squeaking. Glad the problem is solved!

    Jamesr, you'll be glad to know I finally had to use the lower gear on the Patterson crank. There are small hills here. But, I also saw over 11 mph. Not bad considering I have rode consistently since before my knee surgeries.
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