Bar/cylinder below tie rod - left side

It is on both our Rovers. Hers is almost
touching spokes. Mine is back in the six o'clock position. What is their purpose?


  • Mount for a pickup for a cycle computer.
  • This cylinder is aimed downward. Is it some kind of turn limiter?
  • Like rirover said. it's a cycle computer sensor mount. They are designed for wireless models only I think.
  • YamiYuki wrote: »
    Like rirover said. it's a cycle computer sensor mount. They are designed for wireless models only I think.

    They will work for wired models, if the wire is long enough. The placement almost requires the main head for the computer to be mounted on the left side someplace. Routing the wiring should be fairly straight forward. Just need to make sure you have a loop in the wire so you can turn without ripping it out.
  • Works for wired or wireless. Could even put a camera down there is you was daring enough.

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    I said they are designed for wireless ones because of the spacing not really the wires. At it's closest mine could be about 3/4 to 1 inch from the spokes which can be a problem for wired models. That's why I said I think. Even then you can pad it to get closer so it can work regardless. A lot of "normal" bike accessories have to be worked around for trikes like ours.
  • Have a Sigma BC1009 and it's under 1/8" from the spoke-hugging sensor.

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  • Angle and pisition can be changed. I've had both wired and wireless on mine.
  • So Idaho, you can't see the display as you peddle?
  • the sensor goes on the subject tube. The read out usually goes on the handlebar or anywhere else that it's in your sight line. If you're using a wireless device there cannot be anything interfering with the signal like an arm or leg.
  • Looking at a Sigma device wired, in GRR that could be here this week. Free shipping. Under $25. But u get what u pay for. Torn between a bike device and a hand held gps that I can use elsewhere. We don't want to use up our
    data on our iPhones by using an app on there. :(
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    I seldom recommend equipment because it is so subjective when it come to what the rider skills are and what type of riding they will be doing.
    But for a bike computer I will suggest a Cateye Padrone which is wireless. Its key feature is the display has LARGE letters and numbers so it's easy to read at a glance.
    Not cheap but less expensive then a GPS.
  • The Padrone, as @TCEd says, is a very nice unit.

    I went wired, with the Cateye Velo 7, and I couldn't be happier. I mounted the unit on my Mirrycle mirror bar, which is at the end of my Versa bars, and I can see the readout nicely and the wire just wraps around the versa bar on its way up to the unit from the sensor.

    P.S. if your front tire is still the 20" CST ones that came with the Rover, don't choose the default 20" tire setting in the Cateye setup (regardless of what unit you buy). Use 152cm (it's actually 1518mm)
  • Wide price spread on the Padrones. I want a wired one however.
  • Tough to spend a lot when they have a 1 year warranty.
  • FINN58 wrote: »
    So Idaho, you can't see the display as you peddle?

    The sensor 'pick-up' is on the mounting bracket, magnet is on the spoke, 1/8" distance apart. The computer is up on the Versa Bar.

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  • Mine may be here today. Didn't ride Tuesday but if next toy arrives I will surely be out there to see how it works.
  • The bolt for the sensor bar can be loosened, allowing very precise positioning of the sensor. I think the desire is for a space of 1mm - 3mm between sensor and magnet. Also, for the cateye, the "sensor" part is not the tip of the sensor's "bar", but more to the middle. You'll see when yours comes in.

    Adjust position, place the magnet, re-adjust mount bar and sensor unit, then tighten the bar bolt then tighten the sensor hold straps (just little zip ties). Re-check the sensor to magnet spacing, and you should be good to go!

    As everyone has said, bring the wire up to where you want the display unit, taking a turn or two around the handlebar or versa bar on its way up and making sure to leave plenty of "curls" in the curly wire so you can turn without ripping the sensor wires out. Mount the display holder (again, small zip ties).

    SETUP INSTRUCTIONS THAT COME WITH THE UNIT SUCK. Go online to cateye and there's plain english PDF instructions that are easier to follow. Set it up for your tire size, clock, etc. and you should be good to go!
  • Got the Cat Eye 9 this am and it's on the trike. Is vertical the best position
    of the cylinder/sensor? Also I placed
    magnet where two spokes cross. Seems the best spot where it won't have a chance to slide.
  • I adjusted the mount cylinder with the hex. Couldn't get to the Phillips head. I did get a speed reading on the unit as I spun the wheel.
  • Went 4.55 mi tonite averaging 8.3. But
    what does the MX number stand for?
    I have a Cat Eye Velo 9.
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    max speed maybe. did you calibrate the computer for your tire size ?
  • Yes I did. It was part of the set up. It's just the number is 28.8 and there are
    two boardwalk slopes along the river that one can go fast but 28 is doubtful
    scary and dangerous. Hafta try it again!!!
  • I did move the magnet to a single spoke. It wasn't square to sensor while on two.
  • MX would be max speed this trip. DST is the distance, etc. When on the DST screen, you hold the button until the distance resets to 0 and it's ready for the next trip (But the Odometer didn't lose the miles you did - that stays through Trip resets)
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