Mesh seat

I sweat bad on my shirt was soaked at the midpoint of my trek yesterday.
The seat was wet and even the foam behind was wet. Has anyone gone to the mesh seat with hope that it would be cooler. I am not riding topless and scare others off the path. For those who have, was it better? Does it support


  • Here in Georgia you sit in a puddle if you don't have a mesh seat. It was my dealer's "mandatory" option on the Rover.
  • Yes, to both questions, BTW.
  • So is this mesh interwoven strips of fabric, or is it just openings in the same layer of nylon?
  • Nylon with woven openings in it.
  • May try to Dr. Mine so it/I can breathe easier. Rain moving in here MI and I wanted play with the trike. Got the handlebars off of it and it's under the cap on my F150. Forecasting showers in afternoon. And it started out sunny and so nice.....
  • Photo in accessories looks like a solid reg seat. Can't see openings. How big are the openings in this fabric?
  • Check out Ventisit. It was reviewed on My first trike. It looks pretty good, only drawback is that it's from the Neatherlands, and costs $100 with shipping.
  • Thanks. Looked good is right. Looked like two models offered. Wonder what
    the diff is.
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    Check the TT site images of the sportster. There's a mesh seat with side supports. Not listed in the online catalog. Gotta call TT for it. $69, IIRC. Fits all TT models sold today.
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