Brake pads

Did not sit down to look close at them
today. How difficult is it to swap them out? How are they held in place?


  • Fiddly, first time. Little parts easily dropped. Do on clean floor...not grass. Should be able to see if to worn . Have to remove and then reinstall the calipers. Check you tube. Don't wear quickly. Try adjust ifprob
  • Just seems I am tightening them too often. They are slipping, wheels moving
    as I try to stand up getting out of seat. Unless cables are stretching.
  • Not necessarily. Look at the adjustment of the pads. On a Rover the with Alhonga brakes it's that Allen key on the round plug on the outside of the brake caliper. It moves the outside brake pad in towards the disk rotor. You screw it in so the pads just touch when you spinwheels, then back it off so they just don't touch. Can be a bit fiddly.
    When you pull the brake cable lever to apply the brakes, the mech that moves the brake caliper in is sort of an over center mechanism, so if the pad clearance is too far off they never will hold properly.
    The link I sent you to TT U has a video on brakes that will help. You might have to start on setting from scratch which will involve loosening the brake caliper mounting screws, setting the pad clearance, checking the discs arent bent, then adjusting the cable.
    I f I remember correctly your Rover is used so could be some sticking issues. There is a little spring in between the. Pads that keeps then separated so corrosion. Dirt, etc could contribute to poor adjustment.
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