Hitch rack for trike

Still waiting on a steel rack, 4 pces to be welded up. Harbor Freight platform
failed. I have some 2" aluminum channel, several pces that I could bolt together. Maybe 1/8" thick. Could I trust this? It would slide into receiver.


  • Hey, I could turn my Master upright carrier into a small crane and winch the trike up into a position as high as the bumper.
  • Seriously though, I have a 2" steel square tube running out from my hitch receiver. On top of that I am laying 2" channel aluminum stock. I hope to use square U bolts thru holes in the bottom of the channel, bolted down. Aluminum will be 44" for the tires, 22" left and right of the steel tube underneath. Do you think this would support a trike?
  • Photos... (resized to 640x480 if possible)

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  • Someday I'll figure adding fotos to my posts. No need to explain it. That was already done. And I didn't read it.
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