RiderFest 2017 - July 29, Grand Rapids MI area

Greetings All.

Well I am back from my winter travels and spring birding and bird photography. I put fenders on the wife's Traveler, and finished the BBSHD install on my Rover. Took a trip over to TerraTrike headquarters in Grand Rapids yesterday to pick up an order for my local (AWESOME) bike shop (Spin). While at TT I got a chance to take a tour and meet the staff. What an awesome facility- clean, organized, and attractive- only surpassed by their great staff. We on the forum tend to give them a hard time now and again, but they truly consider us part of the TerraTrike team. I asked a million questions and gave them some feedback and made numerous suggestions. They were really great and grateful, and I encourage all of you to visit if you get the chance.

An alternative way to meet the staff and some of the forum participants, is to attend this year's RiderFest. Plus... if this year is anything like last year, there will be free food, prizes, give-a-ways, a really nice and fun ride, and a few announcements. Last year was my first RiderFest and I had a wonderful time despite riding the full course 3.5 weeks after total shoulder replacement... In all honesty, I probably should have skipped the ride as it set my rehab back a full month. But all is fine now.

I will suggest that we have a Forum Participants meet-up at RiderFest. If we can get a commitment from a half dozen or more of us, we can probably get them to reserve a table for us. Watch for the official announcement sometime later this month, and please respond to this post if you are going to make an effort to attend. I'll be there... wouldn't miss it! B)


  • Thanks for the info. Not much time to plan. Good news is it's only a 2-day drive for me now instead of 3 days.

    Do you have info on local hotels? Michigan is one of the few states I have not visited and it would be fun.
  • I'm two hours North of Grand Rapids and would drive down for the event weather depending.
  • A day after my wife's early retirement. I'll ask her. Where does it happen?
  • Tell her congrats! Early retirement, if elective, is awesome.
  • FINN58 wrote: »
    A day after my wife's early retirement. I'll ask her. Where does it happen?

    Ride Fest is in Grand Rapids, MIchigan

  • Where in GRR?? Same place every year?
  • We have a reunion that day. Oh well.
    Selective hearing...
  • I don't believe TerraTrike has officially announced RiderFest 2017, (at least I haven't seen anything official yet) so my details are a little sketchy. I inquired about the date while I was visiting TT last week.

    Each year (so far, as I understand) the festival has been in the greater Grand Rapids (west side of lower peninsula, Michigan) area (2nd biggest city in MI). I have only attended last year and it was in a fairly rural near-by suburb. They had a really nice paved trail and an area reservered in a county park. There was even a short cut for those who did'nt want to do the entire trail. It was impressively setup and run. There were numerous "check points" along the way where staff had water, snacks, tools, supplies, and info for those needing such. Most of the TT staff were on hand including CEO, Mike Kessenich, and our own TT Forum "overlord," Marketing Director, "Chonk" (aka) Jeff Yonker. Bottom line is that a good time was had by all those who attended.
  • Chonk, will you have a wide seat available for us to try? The more I ride, the more I get permanent indentations in the backs of my legs. I'd really like to see if a wide seat would solve that problem.
  • From my understanding the wider seat is only 1 inch wider on both sides.

    In the seat position I prefer the thighs get poked, unless I scoot down more forward which isn't comfortable.
    Or, go up a notch to give less thigh poking​s, yet have to move the seat clamps back some, which is not as comfortable on engine.

    If the BB was moved upward a couple of inches that might be a good fit although would require an idler.
    Me thinks Rovers weren't intentionally built for wider/heavier folk.

    ¬ ITL
  • Just the opposite... The Rover was built to handle riders of up to 400#s!
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    Just the opposite... The Rover was built to handle riders of up to 400#s!

    The seat sure wasn't... not comfortably anyhoo.

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  • I'd still like to sit on one and decide whether it is worth the $200 investment. I know the cloth will fail in coming years. At that time, I will decide on either the larger seat or new webbing for the old one.
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    And the Ventisit seat cushion isn't getting the greatest of reviews either in other recumbent forums.

    I would like to give the wider seat a trial run to see if it would make the difference needed too. If it would, then I'd buy it. - Would also mean giving up the seat bag that I recently purchased too. /le sigh

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  • 669bmv8gvaiz.jpg
    Although my wife rides a Trek Madone after a long training ride she rests in my comfortable seat. TerraTrike ZoomerSL.
  • FYI I hope to get the signup online next week
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
    Marketing Dude @TerraTrike

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  • So who is going? I would love to but, with the weather, I haven't been able to ride much. I might look silly on the ride.

    I do want others to see the mods I've done and I'd like to talk to Terra Trike about getting a dealer somewhere near me. I've got to decide soon or I won't be able to get a hotel room.
  • I just booked my room and registered for this today, This is the last weekend of my vacation. Going to spend Friday and Saturday up there, and head back on Sunday morning. Going to make a stop over at TerraTrike on Friday.
  • Would like to but cannot afford such a venture. The drive, eeek!

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  • I certainly plan on attending, and I hope a lot of others do as well. And Florida_bound, you won't look silly. Everyone is welcoming, very friendly, and there are participants of every skill level. All the emphasis is on camaraderie, having fun, and trike riders exchanging experiences and learning from one another. Of course, seeing the vendor's wares, eating the tasty free food, and meeting and visiting with nearly all the TerraTrike staff is also quite nice. Just be there!
  • Any suggestions for hotels?

    Does anyone swap parts? I have a lot accumulated. I know Terra Trike would like us to buy from them but mine are not complete sets and others could use them.
  • There is certainly "horse trading" and pre-owned parts swapped and sold, but there is no formal way or place to do so, but TT always is open to suggestions... especially if it brings in more TT owners. I'd guess there were around 80 folks there last year, but I'm not sure.

    As for motels... I typically use Trip Advisor for restaurants, and Hotels.com for cheap hotels while traveling. My kids all use Air B&B and swear by it. My wife and I travel extensively. We frequently stay in La Quinta's, or any of the "Choice" hotel brands as we like the beds & pillows and we accumulate points toward free upgrades and free nights.

    My wife, Nancy, and I live roughly 75 minutes from Grand Rapids, And I (hopefully, we) will drive over the morning of the event. I have a nicely equipped spare bedroom with it's own bathroom. Nancy is currently out of town and she keeps our schedule. I don't believe my kids are planning on visiting that weekend, so the room may be available if you don't mind driving the extra miles. Any interest? Nancy returns tommorrow.

    Side note: We do have a cat, but we do our best of keeping her out of the basement apartment.
  • Thanks for the offer! I wanted to get a hotel as close to the shop as possible. Let me first look and see what is available.
  • Thanks for the offer! I wanted to get a hotel as close to the shop as possible. Let me first look and see what is available.

    In no way am I suggesting what you should do but ...............to avoid disappointment maybe you should contact T.T. and schedule some time with them. The reps may be busy during ride fest.
  • Yeah, I'm thinking about getting there a day early to meet with them. I see it's straight up I-65 with tons of ongoing construction. I may need a day of rest before the ride!
  • TerraTrike is located about 10 miles east of downtown, and the park that RiderFest was at last year was probably 15-20 west of downtown. So I'd try to nail down the location with TT before I made firm plans. Additionally, the guys seem to be available and eager for folks to chat with them and try-out new products while at the event. The day before the event, they were all so busy getting ready for the big day that I couldn't even find someone to talk to on the phone. Monday after the event was probably fairly hectic as well. I suggest that you try to arrange something in advance from someone at TT who will be free and if possible, could show you around the shop. Oddly enough, it may be the CEO who has the time.
  • OK, thanks!
  • I have to spend a night on the road and at least two while in Grand Rapids. Too many more nights could get expensive. Getting there early on Friday may be my only option.
  • They picked the same day that Lansing is doing their Ride n Hide
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