Cat EyeVelo 9

Do these bike computers reset them-
selves? I used it yesterday and the mileage was dead on. Today it seemed like the distance one way would be more believable in kilometers not miles. It is a path that I have not heard
of an accurate measurement of. Thanks.


  • This unit came out in 2015, and I thought it was a really new model.
  • Is it a crap shoot when it comes to buy-
    Ing these things?
  • Not normally with CatEye. They are a pretty stable manufacturer.
  • Tonight I went just 4.5 and the other data was in the believable range. Still
    hot here in West Michigan, but I wasn't out as long and the sun was lower.
    Would a white one reflect that much to make them run cooler?
  • Do I get a year warranty on one of these? First half of the ride today, the numbers were believable but jumped up on speed and miles on the return.
    Has calories and an O2 readout, but I
    can't see how I can trust those.
  • Calories and O2 are an estimate.
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    One wheel turns faster going, slower coming. Makes sense. One could even be coming off the ground occasionally.

    You don't have another magnet on the wheel do you?

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  • Nope. I have it set for mph and the return trip it was around 20 not 9 on the
    outbound leg.
  • Sensor, mount, and/or magnet not tightened properly and is slipping.

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  • Magnet I checked. Sensor came with a sticky pad & zip ties I think.
  • Remounted sensor and moved magnet slightly before tonight's nine mile 'jog'.
    First leg was fine but other 3 legs screen was showing 11-12 when I was going walking speed. Ready to try another brand. 2 year warranty on this
    item, been out for two years.
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    If it's out of warranty, open it up and blow it out with some compressed air. Could be a bad connection. Clean the contact points. Might be a bad cable too. Check for nicks, kinks, stretched areas.

    Lezyne makes some dandy products although their computers are expensive. Very innovative as well.

    Sigma are near bullet proof and last a long time.

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  • I've only had it 10 days. Going to return it. Think I'll try a Sigma this round. Are
    all computers run the same way, with a
    magnet set up?
  • Return it for a replacement, you already know how to work it and they typically don't fail.
  • I am waiting a reply on EBay. Just looked at the wire on the trike, and it is not wound on tight. Wanted to have
    slack for turns.
  • Seller wouldn't take it back once installed. Reset it and installed it on wife's Rover. Did 20 miles yesterday, (not since high school) and it was close
    to the numbers on the Garmin bought at the LBS. so maybe it's fixed.
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