Used Rover

I am looking for a used Rover for sale, hopefully around the Royston, Ga area. It must be in excellent shape.
Thank you so much


  • I gave up on used and just bought new.
  • Congratulations on your new purchase! I'm sure you will love your Rover as much as I have loved mine. How did you get it equipped?
  • Wide handle bars, versa Bars, Rack, x8 and head rest.
  • What part of Georgia is that? I hear there are some great trails up there. Welcome to triking. Isn't it awesome!
  • I live near Hartwell, Ga- The South Carolina and Georgia bouder on 29 hwy. Biking around here is discouraged. Two words having the same meaning are Roadkill and bicyclists.

    We was finally making a little progress by having two dangerous areas with designated painted bike Lanes but the share the road law came out and they said you don't need bike lanes since you have the share the road law.
  • Hey, I was just texting with a friend who now lives in Seneca SC about going up to visit him.

    I don't see any Rails to Trails near you. Are there any state or county parks with limited traffic? That might be a better option for you. Can you transport the trike?
  • As long as you stay on County Road's you will be fine and luckily we have loads of those. While I don't have any trail's, I do have a lot of triking in the form of county road's.

    Transporting the trike is a difficult proposition for me but I am so grateful that I can soon start working on improving my health through exercise and better eating habits. I am really grateful that I have the County Road's that I can meander on. I got a nice new shed and I have my other two trikes hung from the roof and this coming Wednesday I will have my Rover..
  • Triking has done wonders for my health and some day I'll even lose weight. I'm hoping!
  • Well my trike came today and I got it out of the box and christened it (The Endless Money Pit). Tomorrow I will try to get it together and try to take a small ride – smile.
  • So, is that "TEMP" or temp for short?!
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