Putting 24 inch tires on a Traveler

Has anyone replaced the 20 inch wheels on a Traveler with the 24 inch wheels? I spoke to Terratrike today and the Traveler can still be folded with the larger wheels. If anyone has done the replacement, are you satisfied with the performance?


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    We haven't done so with our Traveler, but I would think it would depend a lot on where you ride, how you ride, and the condition of your organic motor. It will definitely make it tougher hill climbing, but top end would likely improve. On Flat terrain, with decent leg muscle and plenty of endurance, you should have no problem. One note to keep in mind is TT does not have a fender set for the 24" wheels, but Florida_bound has 24" wheels on her TT Rover which is heavier than the Traveler, and she love's those 24" wheels. I believe she is planning on attending RiderFest (TerraTrike's annual relaxed organized ride/picnic) on the 29th of July near Grand Rapids, Michigan. I bet she would let you try it out. Rover and Traveler with 24" wheels should give a fairly decent comparison. Best of luck with whatever you do, but please remember to share the experience here on the Forum.
  • I want to actually sit on and ride a trike with 24 inch wheels before I make a decision. The shop where I bought my Traveler has another brand with the larger wheels that I can try out. It is about a two hour trip to the shop but worth doing. I primarily ride on flat ground on a paved bike trail and sometimes on packed soil or other surfaces. I do take the Traveler with me camping and ride nearby trails as well as around the campgrounds.
  • TT will have trikes with 24" wheels for you to test ride at RiderFest too. Plus you get to go to RiderFest! Just sayin.
  • What do they charge to rent trikes, or does anyone do that?
    LOL, show up at Rider Fest on an HP Velotechnik or Greenspeed Magnum. ROFL /kidding!

    ¬ ITL
  • If I go, you can try mine. It's a Rover, not a Traveler.
  • And there were several non TerraTrike trikes that joined the festivities last year as well as a couple of DF bikes too.
  • I can't make the Riderfest this year but perhaps next year. I believe the Rover seat height is 17" compared to the 15" seat height on the Traveler so the 24" tires would make a bigger difference on the Rover opposed to the Traveler. Still trying to decide what to do. LOL

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