Wow! Took a test drive and very pleased.

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In 1999 I bought a Vision R40 LWB recumbent. Loved it. Commuted to work downtown. Put lots of miles on it riding Kent Trails 3-4 times a week. Things were good. Then my brother-in-law invited me to ride the White Pine trail back from Cadillac. I was ready for the 92 miles.

Ten miles into the trail, I slide sideways on some loose gravel and reflexively, planted my left foot in the trail and jammed my knee. I upped my cadence and tried to pedal it out. Nope. After 56 miles total, ibuprofen was not helping and I was slowing the crew down too much. We called it a day.

I babied my knee over time, but more than a few miles and it would tell me I was done for the day. My biking diminished and took up yoga. My knee got stronger but never enough to ride any distance.

Years later, I was Jonesing to bike again. I took a Zoomer out for a test drive two years ago, hoping my knee wouldn't mind. It did. So my dream faded--until this weekend.

I checked out your site on a whim and saw a new model. The seat was higher and the pedals a bit lower. Hmmmmmm. It's worth a shot.

Tuesday I took a Rover for a spin inside and it felt very nice. I asked, and took it out on the Paul Henry Trail. I guess I went 3 miles round trip. Amazingly, my knee did not get mad, so I ordered one.

Nice work TerraTrike. Now I just have to wait until the container arrives. The Rover is very fetching.


  • Congratulations on your successful test ride and I hope the time waiting for your Rover passes quickly for you. :D
  • I'm 6'6", 260 lbs (hopefully 220 on my rover after a few months). It's not easy finding things that fit me, so I thought I better go for another test-pedal. I stopped yesterday at the showroom and got a Rover to try again. This time I pushed it harder, and went further. I don't think they imagined me being gone that long, but I needed to push my knee harder.

    After my ride, my knee didn't make a peep. TerraTrike seems to have it dialed in. I guess, I was waiting for something like this to appear.

    Big bummer! I want it all the more. Waiting a month will seem like an eternity.

    To me, it does seem somewhat revolutionary--at least a great evolutionary leap. It handles very well. Took a little bit to get use to the steering--not a bad thing, just snappy. And it really does turn on a dime. My LWB Vision R40 needed acreage to make a corner. And apparently, my knee loves that the pedals are a bit lower that the seat.

    The next five weeks would certainly fly by faster on a Rover.
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