Rover - NuVinci 360 in southwest Florida $950

I purchased my Rover brand new from Port Charlotte Bicycles one year ago. It has been upgraded from the original 8-speed shifter to a much more expensive NuVinci 360 hub. There is no derailleur to worry about, no difficulty shifting. It is wired for lights and sound. That is to say it has a real head light, tail light and turn signals (front and rear) and a motorcycle horn. They are all powered by a 9800 mAhr lithium rechargeable battery located in the orange water-proof box mounted to the frame. The tires, top line Maxxis 100psi, are not brand new, but have about 200 miles of use with another 2000 left. The rear fender, saddle bags and rear luggage rack are included as the water bottle cage and Stanley stainless water bottle. There is a small zippered, water-proof compartment for a cell phone or garage door opener. The headrest is homemade and removable. There are no rips or stains in the seat, no rust, no dings in the frame and the wheels are true. Close examination might reveal a paint chip. Everything works as brand new. I will deliver locally for free, further distances are negotiable.

This trike lists for $1599 on the website.
I do not ride it any longer, because I have migrated to small-wheel folding bikes. I am happy to answer any questions. Here is the local craigslist posting with photos:


  • Liking your lighting setup. :)

    ¬ ITL
  • Thanks @IdahoTrailLizard. I have a left brake lever to use for activating the brake light feature of the tail light. I just never got around to it before my interest dwindled. It's ready to go if someone wants that feature installed. Of course, that results in loss of the parking brake function on the left side. There is no such thing as an electric active lever with an integral parking brake... one or the other.
  • Update to posting: The brake light function is now installed. The left brake lever illuminates the brake light. The parking brake function is available on the right lever.
  • Is it still available and ship
  • Yes, it still available. I have a semi-commitment for Saturday, but no deposit. Shipping could be quite expensive. trike weighs over 50 pounds. Where are you located?
  • ** SOLD **
    The trike has been sold
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