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The AT has been out for a month and TT is out of stock, yet there is very little info out there on what I perceive as a perfect second trike. Can anyone offer any observations?


  • i doubt you will find any meaningful reviews on the all terrain. part of that, i think, is the failure of the traditional builders to respond to demographic need. as rover was an industry wake-up call, i think the all-terrain is another such.

    havent sat on an lbs AT yet but . . .

    a ways back, i bought a rover. the next year i bought an x-24 rambler. is rambler the better trike? dunno - currently interested in deltas, sold the rambler a few weeks back after transfering the goodies to my all terrain rover. needing room, frame weight capacity favored keeping that one.

    a problem with stock rover or rambler if you have bad knees is easily getting out of the seat. 24-inch front wheels [$400] solved that problem. both trikes cruised nice flat roadways well - but climb a curb or cross some of the local speedbumps and experience pedal strike. again, 24-inch front wheels solve that. i kept the rear wheel at 20 inches in the interests of lower center of gravity, better climbing and increased pedal clearance.

    the low gearing on the all terrain, to my mind, should be industry standard for those with bad knees or not so good engines. dropping first gear from stock 20 gear-inches to 10 g.i. on both of my tadpoles definitely doubled the riding pleasure when climbing some of the local slopes.

    rover is running 20x3 kenda flames for 22-inch front wheels at 40 psi max although the all-terrain 2.125s at 40 psi seem quite adequate for off-road. at max psi, probably the better choice for pavement.

    ran driveline combos of 7,8,14,16,24 gears keeping the low end between 10-13 g.i. but 2x10 gearing of the AT 24-inch wheel makes for a better range. mtb guys and gals seem happiest with 5 pounds of mud hanging on the rear derailleur so cant see any real advantage to an igh for offroad.

    the AT fixed seat is probably a plus although using bolts and nuts through the seat stays along with a cargo rack definitely improves rambler seat stiffness. the new low-rider rack [another example of thinking outside the box] is icing on the cake.

    having tried various approaches over the years to develop a low-geared wet-grass climber suitable for old folks, i appreciate what terratrike has accomplished with the AT, think they have another winner on their hands.
  • I have a Rambler All Terrain, but I only have 65 miles on it. When I get past the first hundred miles, I will post my opinions. Gordon_O
  • 65? Impressive. Those mostly off road, on the road, or a mixture?

    ¬ ITL
  • Mostly streets and roads. I enjoyed the one gravel path that I tried. In a park I tried a grass path for a short distance. I use the gearing to get up the hills around here, up to 13 percent grade. I'll say more in a couple weeks when I write a review. Gordon_O
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    13%?! Am impressed even more.
    Am guessing the Rambler AT wasn't your first trike then. Will look forward to your review. /cheers

    ¬ ITL
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