Handlebar grips

I read in one of the exchanges that the end cap of the grips can separate to allow a mirror, or other accessory. Upon inspection, the cap appears to be part of the grip, and therefore not removable with out destroying the integrity of the grip. Am I overlooking something?


  • My handlebar grips are foam and the endcaps are plastic. My Rover was bought new in 2014.
  • Same here. Maybe tough to remove, but removable
  • When we took delivery of our Sportsters last year we had a mirror mounted in the end of each horizontal handle bar. We quickly realized that this made the overall width greater than desired. Ordered two Versa Bars for each trike. Mounted them on each handle bar stem (two per trike) primarily leaning forward and then mounted the mirrors, one on each, on the top forward facing ends of the Versa Bars. Viola, "killed two birds with one stone." Perfectly place mirrors on each side (mirrors barely extend outside of the front wheel hubs), and now good sturdy grips for entering and exiting the trikes.
  • I ride the Lansing, Michigan River trail most frequently. In their infinite knowledge, they decided to install one or two posts at several locations presumably to keep cars and motorcycles off. I have two Miracle mirrors- one in the end of each handlebar. I have learned to keep these adjusted snuggly, so as to be able to swing them in or out on demand. Now I can do this in a matter of seconds without even slowing down- and that includes adjusting them. When I pull the mirrors in, I can pass between the posts with an inch or two of clearance on both sides.
  • The advantage of modifying your handlebars is that you can change the orientation. I put my mirrors on the inside end of the handle. They are still wide enough to see around me because I have the wide handlebar on the bottom and the stock ones on the top. Click on the little picture at the left to see.
  • We, too, ride the Lansing River Trail several times per season. We enjoy that trail very much, all except the aforementioned stanctions. Those were what convinced us that our original set up was too wide. With the addition of the Versa bars with the mirrors mounted on them, we have no problem navigating through the stanctions.
  • Are you guys going to do the Lansing Ride-n-Hide scavenger hunt on the 29th?
  • Nope, I plan on riding in TerraTrike's RiderFest on the 29th. Actually, I haven't heard anything about the Lansing Ride & Hide except from you!?
  • To quote: "Come join us for the second annual Lansing Bike and Seek! It's a scavenger hunt on bikes around the city. Bring your team, your bike, and get ready to find all ten clues and meet us at the finish location. Cash prizes! $10/team entry fee."
  • Very good, looks like it would be a lot of fun. Thanks for the link. I'll have to keep it in mind for next year.
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