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I put this on F.B. also. It's a service station on one of our trails. Almost every tool needed to rebuild a bike or trike plus a air pump. Leelanau trail (TART) , Traverse City, Mi.
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  • What a great idea!
  • I have seen a lot of these stations around Washington so they aren't a new idea. In fact I think there is a company that has a patent on at least one design, and likely a few more. (I've seen at least 3 different designs with the same brand on them...)

    and yeah, I think it's a great idea. and probably something most trails need to have. Or a trike rider like a few of us here, that have every tool imaginable stashed in their bags... :)
  • You got me thinking Elrique64, so I checked my seat bag... I have to re-think carrying around 8 pounds of "crap" in my bag. I guess I took to heart the old Boy Scout motto of "be prepared". But a pump, two spare tubes, 2 repair kits, and a CO2 tire inflater with two cartridges, and a bunch of duplicated tools, and a sundry of other things. But 8 pounds seems far too much!

    What do the rest of you find as essential one your rides?
  • 1 pump, mounted to the Versa Bar next to the drink holder.

    In my rack bag:
    1 spare tube
    3 little scratch-n-sniff patch kits
    1 bike lock
    3-tool set from TT with all the allen wrenches and sockets in triangular format.
    1 spare 13,000 mAh charger for my phone.
    1 6" section of KMC-Z72 chain and a small chain-breaker, and 2 master links (all in a small sandwich bag)

    There is often another pound of metal somewhere else on the trike. Those who know me know what this would be.
  • I'm more of a minimalist. I carry $50, a cell phone and water bottle.
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    LOL at @TCEd

    I keep looking for wrenches that are of a light-weight alloy or a crescent wrench of the same.
    • 1/2" wrench for adjusting the seat (∏ bolts)
    • 15mm for adjusting/removing the rear wheel since trikes don't have quick disconnects like MTBs have.
    • Small Bike Tool w/ Chain Breaker
    • Spare Master Link
    • Spare Slimed Tube
    • First Aid & Snake Bite Kits
    • Neosporin
    • Lezyne Alloy Drive hand pump (Schrader & Presta)
    • Air Pressure Gauge
    • Chain Lube & Tri-Flow (smells like bananas)
    • Tri-Allen Wrench
    • Plastic Tire Levers
    • Fox-40 Dual Whistle
    • Leatherman multitool
    • Small Spool of this odd pink foam like tape used for bandages (works well with bike repairs)
    • Assortment of Plastic Wire Ties
    • Cliff bar or two in the rack pack
    • Leatherman Serac S3 light w/ spare C-123 battery (5 year shelf life)
    • 1/4" wide rubber bands for light

    ¬ ITL
  • I have two important documents with me at all times, my driver's license and medical card. If they find me on the side of the road, at least they will be able to identify the body. I also have mace in case someone decides my trike should become their trike.
  • I'm afraid to weigh the pannier. A lot of
    Tools and several waters that prob equal that weight. But I keep telling my
    self of the extra work I am doing, more
    calories burned by having it with.
  • Totally true as long as it doesn't discourage you from riding longer or more frequently.
  • Ive got a pump some scabs(self adheasive patches) 2 KMC missing links 2 gerber multipliers a nashbar woody 14 way multi tool ulock and spare battary for my headlight
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    Regarding the Leelanua Trail "Service Station,". We rode past that very station two weeks ago. Leelanua Trail is one of our favorites. We are riding it again today, starting at Suttons Bay to TC and back. Beautiful trail.
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    Regarding the Leelanua Trail "Service Station,". We rode past that very station two weeks ago. Leelanua Trail is one of our favorites. We are riding it again today, starting at Suttons Bay to TC and back. Beautiful trail.

    I maintain and download all the UV trail counters on the TART trails. We ride the Leelanau frequently.
  • Must be A LOT of cyclists in Michigan. ;)

    ¬ ITL
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    Must be A LOT of cyclists in Michigan. ;)

    Yes there are. Our local trail system consists of 8 paved trails and some are connected. A couple of these trails average over 8,000 counts a month to include winter. Some of these are pedestrian but majority are bike. We also have single track for MTB.
    We count every individual passage on each trail via counters and the data is uploaded to a website for data management.
    Why do we do this ? One big answer is funding, we have hard data to use when writing grants, proposals, RFP's etc.Second reason is for use in expanding trail planning, again passenger numbers and routes can be projected towards new routes.

    All this in a community that is rural agricultural ( cherries and grapes ) and tourism based. Traverse City proper is 14,000 people, the county is 85,000 plus/minus.

    As a state Michigan has the most trail miles in the nation, both paved or compacted stone.

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    Yup. We hit #1 this year. Check out
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