rover frame design

desiring a bumper out in front of me legs, acquired a jouta delta with intent to donate rover to a local veterans group. the jouta has a clamped bottom bracket. third day out, it slipped. maybe subsequent elephant torque cured that problem. also turns out design of the jouta bottom bracket will not support a patterson crank [strike 2].

out and about on the jouta chatting with a pedestrian yesterday when the feet slipped off the pedals. glad it happened at walking speed and didnt have a cruciform for the legs to buckle against. maybe elephant torque will cure that problem but am not about to risk such ill behavior.

jouta idea of modularity is a shallow socket with clamp bolts 2.5 inches apart. loosened those for a look-see and the jouta bends up and down in a manner not possible with the rover. the jouta tadpole seems of the same flavor regarding frame mating when viewing not so good images.

the above, for me, reinforces the notion that rover is an uncommonly well-engineered design. have had its frame apart a few times for measurement and an attempt at making a longtail with the tandem center section. impressed by the quality. would not consider anything else in the price-range as a better choice. from a car-free perspective, with the low-rider rack available [got one on order], best cargo hauler available any price.
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