FedEx getting unreliable

Leave it to FedEx to flub up delivery of the headrest. It and the low rider rack were supposed to be delivered today. But no...

The last few days of the month I have more time to ride, and more free 'me' time.

Come the 1st (Sunday) the madness starts again, both jobs kick onto full speed and little to no time for me stuff.
So have to wait till Monday for them to get it together... so I'll be outside after dark trying to install it.

FedEx getting as bad as UPS now.

They used an excuse that the local facility did not get delivery from Boise. Well, Boise *is* the local facility.



  • Seems my package was hijacked between Utah and Boise. So have to wait two weeks for them to find it before I can file a claim.

    Never had an issue with FedEx before. Come Monday I have to wait for a call and provide model numbers on case the label fell off or the package was damaged.


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  • Yeah, I guess I'm lucky. TT is only a couple hours away from me, so I usually get my package within 48 hours
  • This really ticked me off. Waited this long and now may have to wait 2 to 3 more weeks. <removes expletives>

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  • Had asked how I could import order numbers into the claims since I had no URL and that about every FedEx URL was a dead link. So sent a message to FedEx via Facebook.
    Surprisingly enough Eric was still online and sent a secured email link in which I sent them TerraTrike's invoice. Eric then copied that data into my case file.

    Now all there is left is to wait, and say a few prayers. Hopefully my package and/or contents can be found undamaged & recovered.

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  • Oddly received a message that my package would be delivered today. Sure enough, it is here. Box doesn't look damaged, both labels are still on the box.

    No idea how FedEx lost the box unless their scanners were confused with the many stickers of its former contents ... which is what I'm guessing what the issues was. Might of been delayed due to customs?

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  • When do you sleep ?
  • Used to working graveyard shifts. :) I'm not a day person.

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    From Eric at FedEx:
    [quote] Hello James, this is Eric again. I am so glad to hear that your shipment arrived today.
    Excess labels and stickers can sometimes cause . The shipments that go through our scanners they must be label up. The employees that work in the sorting facilities are turning them as the come down the belt, but if there are multiple labels it is hard to know which is right with the packages passing by quickly.
    Thank you for notifying the company so that this issue may be prevented in the future. Thank you again for allowing me to assist you with your shipment. Have a great evening and a great Independence Day. Thanks. -Eric [/quote]

    I applaud TT for recycling, and I even looked the now on the side of the headrest box, although I don't have hamster.
    It was those extra stickers on the box's former contents that confused the spring facility. /grin

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  • Jrobiso2 wrote:
    Yeah, I guess I'm lucky. TT is only a couple hours away from me, so I usually get my package within 48 hours.

    We live in Flint, MI and while we have never been to the TT facilities in Grand Rapids, we deal with SPIN Bike Shop in the Old Town part of Lansing, MI. Our experience with Chad (owner) has been first rate.
  • Spin, and Chad in particular, are truly fantastic! The shop is at the end of my primary daily trike route. I feel so very fortunate.
  • Was these stickers that confused FedEx's scanners. LOL

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  • I stopped into Spin the other day for the first time. Nice place. He had a couple of 559's on the wall
  • Being a fairly small shop they have lots of product turnover. They probably just sold out of the TerraTrikes normally in stock. They are getting new product all the time. tI think they sells more TerraTrike's overall, but they are a dealer for at least four different trike manufacturer's. Only stocks TT and Catrike, as far as I know.

    A really great thing about Spin's location and store policy, Spin lets potential trike
    customers borrow trikes and ride the River Trail behind their facility! You really can't ask for a better team than the folks at Spin IMHO. We in Lansing, are so lucky to have them. I believe they are the only bike shop in the area to regularly stock recumbent trikes.
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