Lost Flag and Found Flag

We rode the Leelanua again today. The fourth time this season. Suttons Bay (4th St.) 13 miles south and back. We had planned to go to the Cherry Bend Trailhead, but at 13 miles we realized my Terra Trike flag had come off the pole. :-( Headed back several miles and found that some good person had stuck it on a twig at a picnic table "rest stop." :-) Great trail with some great people.

Now, to figure a solution to prevent the flag slipping off in the future. It appears, when inspecting my wife's flag, to have been originally glued to the pole. Somehow, after nearly 600 miles, it decided to let lose and slip off mid-ride. Any suggestions?


  • Shoe Goo covered at the end of the pole.
    I zip tie my flags on with 3 to four per depending upon the size. More like every 2 to 3 inches.

    ¬ ITL
  • Most flags I've bought come with a clip to hold them to the pole. You can also buy a piece of tubing, cut one side, then wrap it around the pole and the flag.

    I've never experience that problems but I also don't ride in high winds. Kind of useless to me!
  • Lost a Terra Trike flag at Indian Rocks TT. Must have gotten caught on a low limb while riding.
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