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I am wondering about the supplied tires on my Rover-8.
On my Sun Easy Sport I ran Schwalbe Marathon tires at 90-100 psi and was very satified with the ride on the C&O Canal path.
I guess I should state some info on my setup. I am a 6'2" 235lber that rides mostly on trails of crushed limestone with very little asphaul milage.
I am seeing a "balooning out" of the tire at the contact point.
I also am lossing air pretty fast on that same wheel.

I am looking for ideas to my problem from both TT and new owners.

Thanks Lynn - TOMbent
Tombent - My Rover


  • The standard tires are CST 40 PSI. You can upgrade to Schwalbe Marathon 100 PSI tires if that works better for your riding. The Schwalbe can be anywhere between 45 PSI and 100 PSI so that your rides on different terrains are comfortable. This tire also has a Kevlar strip in them to help make them puncture resistant.
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
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