after riding a sportster for a year


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    A very good part of this article is where he discusses the need to relax when holding the handlebar grips when riding and that relates to all trikes. We recently discussed this in another thread and it significantly relates to post ride discomfort.
  • So true TCEd, and it also relates, perhaps counter intuitively, to high-speed (18+ MPH) handling and control.
  • I keep bringing this up only because I'm willing to bet many riders are experiencing discomfort that is easily overcome by relaxing their grip. When I'm moving on a somewhat straight path My hands just rest on top of the grips, fingers are not wrapped around to the brake levers and the shift flippers are easily used. On downhills I have two fingers using slight pressure on the brake levers and palms on the grips. That's all it takes once you relax and your shoulders and neck will thank you.
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