I'm 6'3", and about 450... I'm looking at getting a rover. Been talking to some folks and sounds like I'll need to do the wide seat and bars, can anyone tell me the width of the upgraded seat? Also, anyone around my weight been using one? What other upgrades are necessary right away?(wheels tires etc?) I've found one used about 1.5 hrs away and the close shop/dealer is about 2 hrs away. I don't want to have to buy brand new and upgrade a bunch, so was thinking of used to save a couple hundred, but could still easily go to $2k! Just trying to see if I'd have to do tires wheels right away. Mostly will be fairly good pavement in my neighborhood for awhile.


  • Per the Rover Specifications, max weight capacity is 400#. The notation at the bottom states that for those over 400#, call TT directly to discuss.
  • Max load for both rider (400) & payload (50) is 450# on Rover

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  • I'm only trying to be helpful that one can talk to TT. I would assume that by their statement, they have worked with individuals regarding the weight limit of the Rover.

    I am not seeing what you reference. I see the following - Combined Load Limit (lbs.) 400*** listed under the Rover, but can not find reference to a separate payload of 50#.
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    Had written TT prior to buying one last year (2016). Of course the 2016 model had reinforced crossbar.

    Per the same email, when I said was 365# the same person had suggested a Rambler as it's maximum payload was that. However had to factor in clothing, tools, tube, pack, water, lights. Gear could easily exceeded 10#.

    Of course I wanted the extra gearing, but did not want to chance crack frames. Tearing a trike down, shipping, all that would be costly. Although the TT person was right, the Rambler would of been more cost effective over time.

    When I bought the Rover was at 385# ...

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  • Definitely want a Rover with that extra cross bar, so 2016 and older models.
    Good luck!
  • as they say: *** Heavier? Call us to discuss.

    considering same rims and tires are rated 500# on the rover tandem, you might be good to go. wider seat and handlebar add-ons would run you an additional $275 and might still leave you feeling crowded.

    for folks who exceed rover frame spec, a worksman pav-3 could be a good choice. they might be willing to upgrade to 5 or 7 speed but check the specs and maybe talk to them as well
  • I just picked up a used Rover 8i (and emailed TT about it moments ago, before seeing this thread)...

    I'm 6'4" and 395 lbs. I don't know what year the rover I have was made, but it is in GREAT condition... The skinny tires on it are a concern though.

    While I can't afford to move up to the 24" wheel package for a while, and consequently, the wider tires, I'm researching ways to DIY the upgrades myself at a lower cost.

    I'll be watching this thread closely for any updates/changes.
  • You find the serial number and email them with that. Then they can tell you what year it was mfg'd. Saw a low yellow one a woman had Monday night. WizWheels and TerraTrike were all that were on it. It was given to here. She can't ride an upright due to an injury.
    If needs work. Don't know if parts can be found for it. She liked the seat height of my Rover.
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    welcome to the club!

    wouldnt be too concerned about the skinny tires if oem cst and in good condition. cant recall any complaints this forum from heavier folks blowing the tires or doing a taco modification to the rim.

    the 24-inch upgrade works ok on the rover of you have the x-8 driveline. 8i would require adding shifter, hanger, and derailleur.

    front oem rims will mount 20x3.0 kenda flames and make a 22-inch wheel at 40 psi if wide is what you want. you will need matching tubes to go with those. a big apple plus 20x2.125 is a reasonable low pressure tire for the rear.

    age? bolts through the boom gen-1. grub screws holding the boom gen-2. swept cruciform gen-3. no problem getting parts through dealer or terratrike although the 24-inch wheelset has often been a backorder item.

    good manual on the gen-2, parts, at http://www.terratrike.com/media/docs/NewRoverManual.pdf
  • I love my 24" wheels and 1.95 tires but, I would have just moved to the balloon tires if that's all I could afford.

    Guys, can he easily change just the tires and tubes?
  • @synssins, welcome to the forum big guy. Please tell us a little about you- where are you located, from, do, etc., just whatever you're willing to share. Thanks.

    Do you know if you have a Shimano Nexus, Sturmey Archer, or Sram i8?
  • Hey everyone.
    Thank you for the warm welcome.

    Rather than hijack this thread with a "Hi There!" post, I'll create a new one.

    In the meantime, I have the Sturmey Archer internal 8 speed The cable mount slot on the shift cam on the hub is broken. One of the ears is broken off. I can repair this if I have the replacement part, so I ordered one from the UK off of eBay two nights ago.
    Once that comes in, I'll get the rear wheel taken off and tear the hub down for repair.

    It turns out I have a Gen 1. The tires are all original CS and showing signs of cracking in the sides, but otherwise look new. The guy I bought it from picked it up for his wife (now ex, hence the sale) and she barely rode it. He said they have less than 200 miles on the bike. The shift cam appears to have broken in transit to me, as it worked when I test rode the bike in the work parking lot.

    Based on advice from the TT Owner's group on Facebook, I have a full set of Schwalbe Big Apple 2.15 width tires on the way, and I picked up some Schwalbe tubes with the full metal schrader valve body to avoid the rim/valve pinch and tear scenario.

    I also picked up some Shimano SPD double-sided pedals from Amazon, and found a set of size 49 Shimano cycling shoes on Craigslist that are in new condition for thirty bucks. He received them as a gift and couldn't take them back.

    My only concern at this point is the width of the handlebars (I need the wider ones, but those have to wait for a while).

    I'll be sure to post pics as i get these little upgrades done. If it helps guys my size get out and active more, I'm all for it. :)
  • Those BA tires are good, long runners if the trike is set up right on the toe-in. The only potential issue you may have is if the trike has fenders. The tires might not fit inside the fenders...

    I just bought 3 of the rear 26" fenders to mount on eFreedom, but decided I would use the mounting hardware to put the front 20" set I had on originally. I had planned to cut 2 of them up to make the front ones, but the 20" set fits with some bending of the braces. I have Kenda Flame 3" tires mounted on the stock wheels. They have a kind of pooched out sidewall that wouldn't be there if I had a rim wide enough for them, but they work... :)

    The BA's have good thorn protection. If you have a lot of goat heads or blackberry brambles, you are going to love them.
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