Greetings from the Twin Cities of Minnesota!

Hello! My name is Chris, and I'm a trike-aholic... I didn't know I was until a co-worker offered a Rover up for sale, and I saw a chance to avoid the mind-numbing horror that is indoor riding for cardio... All sweated up, with nothing to distract the brain from the sheer monotony of staring at the wall as you pedal. I paid 400 for the trike, and according to the co-worker, the trike has less than 200 miles on it.

About me:
I'm a big guy. Like, "holy s*it, he's gonna eat me!" big...
I'm 38 years old, 6'4" tall, 395 lbs, and about two and a half years ago I weighed in at 435 lbs and struggled to climb stairs... This was a problem for me, as our house is a multi-level split. I decided to do something about it. Since I work for a large fitness company, I asked our head of personal training for some help getting into the gym so I could lose 100 pounds, as trying it myself didn't work. A week later, one of the PTs from work pulled me aside and made a schedule with me to get me into the gym twice a week with her. This worked, though I found myself only getting in twice a week and skipping every day that wasn't scheduled. So I stepped up the game and went whole hog. Every morning at 3:45, the alarm goes off and I head to the gym at work. Put in two hours or so of weight training, and try my best to avoid cardio until someone glares at me... In the end, I dropped 102 lbs and at my lowest almost a year ago I was 332 lbs. I've since put most of that back on due to a lack of cardiotorture and a love for pasta. It doesn't help that I do all of the cooking either. The side benefit of daily workouts, is that I've gone from scary "heart attack" big to scary "maybe heart attack, but much less likely big" with a side of "I need you to help me move this railroad box car off my lawn" big.

Whenever I can force myself beyond the aneurysm inducing boredom of indoor cardio, I usually get anywhere from 10-12 miles into a recumbent bike in the gym on the fat burn or hill climb setting before calling it quits. I've already run the trike through a quick two mile break in around the neighborhood, but the rear SA i8 shifter cam is broken, so the cable doesn't stay in place and the hub drops to eighth gear when the cable pops out. The new cam is on the way.

My wife is interested in one for herself, but the finances will likely have to wait for a couple of years on that. After the cost of this trike, the SPD pedals, shoes, replacement shifter cam, and new Schwalbe Big Apple tires and Schwalbe tubes, I have about 650 total into the trike... We both have a very strong interest in exploring the paved bike trails around us, we've just never been able to. Every time I even look at my beach cruiser bike in the garage, it screams in fear... So, we'll see what happens here. :)

My end goal is less exploring, and more active brain waves during cardio... This looks like it will be the key. :)



  • Welcome! If you hadn't said you were from Minnesota, I would have thought you were my nephew based on your description. However, he is doing little to reduce his weight and eating and drinking like there's no tomorrow. I applaud your efforts and wish I had started seriously that young. I would be thin now.

    Talk to Terra Trike about their financing program. Or, look on here, Craigslist, or EBAY daily for another trike. I would expect trikes would be advertised at the end of the summer. People don't want to store them if they stop using them.

    I just rode almost 8 miles in a heat index of 103 degrees and I feel great. Of course, I'm cooling down in the AC right now. Still, it was a great ride, every one I take is!
  • Welcome to the forum, and thanks for telling us a bit about yourself. You got an amazing deal from the guy at work. I bought a two year old Rover a year ago for $650. And strangely, I now have spent twice that amount adding to the Rover- electric assist motor & battery, Sportster mesh seat cover, lights, flags, XL Power Grips (too hard and expensive to find size 15 spd pedals & the science shows they are do little for efficiency), tools, water bottles, helmet, fenders, neckrest, lock, etc..

    I started out 6 years ago weighing 280 when I retired. It took me 5 years to lose 30#s through diet and pretending to exercise. My doctor told me it would be much harder to lose the next 30#s. I believed him, then I replaced a hip and knee and my orthopedic surgeon told me the best way to rehab both would be to ride a recumbent trike PROPERLY. He emphasized that to ride properly for rehab, you need to ride with a high cadence. He said it would be best to ride with a cadence of 70-90 crank RPMs. A cadence of less than 60 could further damage either hip or knee. So, I bought a used trike and now I too am a trikeaholic. I love to ride and do so every chance I get. I am now down to 217#s as of this morning, with a goal of 200# by years end.

    I kept my size 46" waist belt from my 280# days, and like to hold it up to my 36" belts I wear today. I believe there are a lot of continuing success stories related to trikes and weight loss. Recently I read that the weight comes off much faster if you alternate between short bursts of maximum output and longer periods of more relaxed exercise.

    Last winter I bought a Kinetic trike trainer that the wife let me put in our living room so we could watch TV while we exercise. We both rode the trike on the trainer every day we were home. I can highly recommend the Kinetic trainer, but there are other good brands as well. I personally, just couldn't get into any other sort of winter exercise routine.

    I really think you are going to love the trike a little more each day as your pounds continue to melt away. Keep up the good work, you already have already have a great start! And make room for that 23 mile recumbent trike smile. ;)
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