Recumbent clothing at an excellent price.

I ordered a pair of these shorts and the quality is excellent as well as the price. Great for trike riding.


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    They look nice. It appears they are a variation on cargo shorts which is what I wear. The cargo pockets are great for keeping valuables from slipping out. In cooler months, I switch to cargo pants. :-)
  • Got these a couple of weeks ago. Cool in 95 degree heat and high humidity and dry in minutes when you get off the trike.
  • Out of stock on all the "fat butt" sizes :-(
  • Bought some Knickers from JC Penny that have done rather well. Can adjust the below-the-knee leg straps for how much/little circulation is wanted. The cargo pockets are great for storing gear, keys, concealed weapon, wallet, and such.

    Wished had a vest with side and front pockets. The old cycling shirt pockets would be good if the pockets rode higher as one could stuff the back pockets for lumbar support.

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  • I buy the cheapest cotton knit shorts they sell at Walmart and a sleeveless cotton shirt. I wear whatever will absorb the perspiration and breathe.
  • I buy the cheapest cotton knit shorts they sell at Walmart and a sleeveless cotton shirt. I wear whatever will absorb the perspiration and breathe.

    Never wore anything that was cotton that didn't become a soaking sponge on a hot ride.
  • At least when it gets wet, cotton does not chafe. I usually ride in the morning with at least 70% humidity and a heat index in the 90s. We perspire in Florida!
  • At least when it gets wet, cotton does not chafe. I usually ride in the morning with at least 70% humidity and a heat index in the 90s. We perspire in Florida!

    Lived in Miami 10 years, last 32 years in Hotlanta. Same here.
  • She bought a swimsuit for me. It has
    The fine mesh inside to keep the jewels
    centered. I was getting too hot riding with boxers and shorts. The suit breathes nicely. It's an OP like a board
  • To much information
  • Long as it keeps the Rocky Mountain Oysters & the Lariat cradled with no pinches you should be good to go. Have to keep them organic engine accessories happy too. ;)

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  • Are they tight to legs or are you giving the world a sneak preview? My shorts ride up so I buy the long ones and hope I'm not giving a peep show.
  • For those of us with external parts, creasing of marble bags is more of an issue than much of anything else, as it becomes extremely painful quickly, so I like @Finn58 's wife's idea of using a swimsuit with that sack-holder mesh inside. Thanks @Finn58 !

    As for making a show . . . I haven't seen anyone puking into the bushes as I ride by, so I assume I haven't been showing anything. Dang it, now you've made me self-conscious.

    I had been wearing RedHead cargo shorts from Bass Pro Shop. Comfortable and long enough to almost touch the top of the knee when standing, and good side pockets that seal well enough not to risk losing stuff. Cotton-Poly mix, 50-50 I believe.
  • The legs DO fly back at speeds of 8 or more showing my whitey thighs. I try to pull em back down when others approach. I am good on the sewing
    machine (tear-drop Finnish flag) so
    maybe I can come up with something to keep them down by the knees. 'Twas
    I that wanted to try the swimsuit mesh.
    The marbles were getting pinched and had to re-adjust a lot. Knot so much in
    Da suit. :)
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    I got the pants that are in the title of this thread. Some features:

    The legs have draw cords, so even though they go down to the knees, the draw cords can be quickly snugged up to keep them from flying open, and also so you can adjust where you want the bottom of the legs located.

    The material is cool, so when you are riding, you can actually feel the ventilation. They never feel " wet " no matter how much you sweat. After taking them off, or when stopping in the middle of a ride to get something to eat, they dry in a minute or two. All the pockets are big, ventilated, and zippered.

    Been buying recumbent shorts for about 15 years, and these are the best I have found and at a much lower cost than I have paid in the past for good quality bennt shorts.

    As a comparison, I have many pairs of cotton cargo shorts which I wear during the day. If I ride my trike with a pair of those on, within 20 minutes they are soaked, and it takes hours for them to dry out,
  • Well, those soft cargo knickers are great to wear, careful what you put in the cargo pockets. Was carrying my keys in there, but the soft material and the keys wore a hole through the end. And sadly, last night's ride I lost my keys.

    Went back out an hour later, with a LED headlamp, searching for them. Have to go ride again today before work as haven't found them. So do be careful on how you carry your keys. :(

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  • Sorry to hear that. Maybe someone will
    turn them in.
  • FINN58 wrote: »
    Sorry to hear that. Maybe someone will
    turn them in.

    To where?

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  • I'm finding that the once ubiquitous belly bag, waist bag, or whatever they are called in your part of the world, work well for storing your car keys, wallet, cell phone while riding your trike. With it worn so that it rides in front of your belly button.
  • I use one of those hook key rings (oval shaped but opens on one side) and hook the keys to the brake cable. They never slide down and won't fall off. Plus, the key ring has my mace. If anyone has the idea of harming me, my weapon is very close.

    Hardware stores sell magnets on a long stick. You can ride along the course and put the magnet down to see if it will find the keys. I bought one of these because a roofer pulled my old roof off and placed the shingles on a flatbed trailer. I was very afraid I'd be finding nails in my tires frequently so I did a sweep of the yard, driveway, and a large portion of my street. It really works great!
  • Rode the course last night with a headlamp, and again this morning after 4 hours sleep. Found nothing, sadly. Had an orange Victorinox Manager keychain knife on the end. Three trips, 22.25 miles.
    Think I made up for the exercise i missed earlier in the week, but had to try and grab a nap before heading off to work.

    If I'm up to it will ride it again. Now to spend $20+ on new sets of keys. Good thing I always carried two sets. Thought for sure I would of found it if was out there. Did use Hero Session to record while I was out, the entire route was recorded.

    May have to get one of them bluetooth finder fobs to put on the next set. Erks me that I did find them. :(

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  • Craigslist has a lost/found under the "Community" heading. A couple of found
    keys were listed. But I don't know where in Idaho u are at.
  • Yeah, looked earlier but saw nothing listed. Will try t get a post out, but don't know how to post something on Craigslist so I don't get spammed, scammed, and I sure don't want them to know where I live either - or able to track me down with a phone number.

    I could use the Google phone number if a phone is needed. They reroute calls. Thanks for the tips! Much appreciated.

    Went to Home Depot, only one key works out of 5 that were make. Went to Walmart, and don't think any of them work. Guess I'll have to pay a professional locksmith a visit, and/or buy new locks for the shed. You'd think Master lock keys would be so easily made, yet they don't work. Argh!

    Rode the area last night. Found something that aggravated my lungs and had no inhaler on me - so choked and coughed for 2+ miles. Rode the same route this morning/afternoon, nothing! Too dern sore to try tonight. Rode 25 miles over 3 trips.

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  • I was formerly a cotton loyalist! But, when I get sweating, there ain't no stoppin Niagara Falls. And cotton doesn't ever dry out! I always used to laugh at the Roadies in their silly "cycling kits", I until I discovered "moisture wicking" fabric. TJ Max has shorts, t-shirts, and underwear for pretty cheap. You may want to try it out on a really hot day. After you stop for a few minutes and really start sweating, you feel kind of a slight chill when the wind picks back up.
  • Bag thing about cycle clothing is mozzies! Them buggers were out in force last evening. Some were between the size of large peas to dime-sized. They liked biting hands, under the arms, & under the legs.
    At first thought was blood flies cause they were so big, nope, dern skeeters. They done were filled up and wanting more like a shark frenzy!

    Think I better ride in the daytime or early mornings, cause these evening rides are dangerous, specially with West Nile going around.

    Skeeters = Motivation. Was doing 8 to 9 MPH trying to stay ahead of those buggers! Anything less than 6 they was on me. Stopped at one intersection to catch my breath, the rotten buggers were on me like I was the new candy!
    Rode to Family Dollar, ran in, grabbed a can of Active Off! No more skeeter issues ... although other bugs seems to like the smell - least they weren't after my blood.

    Did find some calf height socks online other day, and they are thin enough that sweat evaporates. Great for cycling!

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  • Deer flies have my number when out riding a path north of town. In Alaska
    they are the state bird.
  • Likewise Cptn, I was always singing the praises of "breathable cotton". Then two birding excursions helped me see the light!

    The wife and I went to Trinidad & Tobago just east of Venezuela in the Caribbean. The humidity was 80% nearly everyday and the temperatures were in the upper 80s most days. Even though the tour leader encouraged everyone to wear wicking polyester clothing, I was decked out in all cotton every day. About six of us wore cotton and the other six wore synthetic wicking clothes. My wife always follows the suggestions of the tour leader, and she purchased and wore the wicking polyester pants and tops. There were no exceptions, all of us wearing cotton were constantly wet, complaining, hot, and miserable. Everyone else was fine.

    Being a slow learner, I guess, when Nancy and I went to Belize, I took all cotton clothing and Nancy all wicking synthetic clothing. 92+ was both the temperature and humidity nearly every day! It was unbearable and I was miserable. Unbeknownst to me, Nancy had purchased and packed one poly shirt and one pair of poly shorts for me. When I ran out of clean cotton clothing I begrugingly wore the wicking poly clothes. WOW, I couldn't believe how much more comfortable I was, and how much I was dry and not stinky.

    When we returned home and I started riding my trike again I went back to wearing cotton... old habits really do die hard. After a couple of cotton clothed long ride, I had an insect fly up my loose fitting cotton shorts and bite/sting me. This made for a very uncomfortable ride home. On my next ride I wore the cycling shorts I got last Christmas, and much to my surprise (I told you I was a slow learner) I never got hot, never got wet, and avoided getting stung where it really hurts. Then, while viewing something unrelated on YouTube, I discovered the Global Cycling Network. They have a lot of good short videos on all sorts of cycling topics, many which apply to recumbent trikes too. After watching this GCN video, coupled with my personal experience in hot humid climates mentioned above, I have become a wicking fabric convert! The pros don't wear that stuff just to look cool, it actually helps one stay cool. Try it, you might be surprised!
  • I wear smart wool brand clothing during most outdoor activity. Layering and breathable raingear when needed.
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