What actuality comes on a new x8 rover?

I am mostly referring about the new soft pedal – does it come with the straps on the pedals? On the 3rd of next month I will be ordering,
Also I am wondering about the seat mesh, should I get the breathable or not--how important is it? I am on a fixed income and my money is real tight.


  • If you look at the photo of the Rover, you will see something attached to the bottom of the pedals. That is a heel strap that will keep your foot from sliding off the pedal, a must have if you are not using clipless pedals. You can add clipless pedals later if you wish, either way you are safe.

    As far as the seat material, I live in Atlanta, and it gets really hot here ( 93 today) After I got my Rover back in 2010, I replaced the seat with the ventilated one, and it made a world of difference in comfort. Also, if you get caught in the rain, the mesh one will drain, while the stock nylon seat will not, so you will be riding in a puddle. I would spend the extra money and get the mesh seat.
  • I agree with Captainbob, you are going to want the mesh seat if you ride in warm or hot weather. I have to admit, I went a year before buying one, but I'm glad I did eventually get one. I am also glad I waited, as I learned that the TT Sportster seat mesh was available for all TT seats, although it is not listed on the website. This model mesh seat has some built-in side padding and cost more, it's $80, where as the standard mesh seat (that is listed on the accessories pages) is $55. If money is tight, you too could wait a year before you buy one. That gives you time to save and time to consider your other options.

    If, on the other hand, the seller is willing to discount the difference in price between a standard seat covering and breathable seat mesh, then I'd say it's a no brainer, get the mesh one of your choice.
  • They are out of stock sniffle.
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