Left Steering Arm wanted

I have a slightly bent left steering arm on my Rover and I'm wondering if someone who changed to the wide version just might have one they would be willing to part with.

I have no real safety issue, as the Rover steers and handles fine, but my accessories are all askew.


  • First, how did you bend a steering arm?

    I think I only have the top half of the wide arm. I have to search through my container of trike parts. It's very full!
  • Arm bent in crash a year ago when avoiding a child who stepped in front of trike on multi use trail. Avoided the kid but turned trike on its side. No one was seriously hurt, but trike steering arm bent. I was probably going too fast given the pedestrians present. This took place in the first few weeks of trike ownership. I have since modified my behavior and drive much slower when and where people are present.

    Live, trike, learn.
  • If you know anyone who can weld the parts for you, I'd send the portions I have to you. Click on the photo at left to see what I have. They are the bottom to a regular Rover handlebar and the top to the wide handlebar less the handle portion. I don't remember why we cut that part off.

    My welds are holding fine but I never had them painted. It just didn't matter to me. You may not like that.

    Email me at tmm850@gmail.com if you want these parts.
  • Thanks for the offer. If I am unable to locate an intact left Rover handle bar/steering arm, I may take you up on your offer. Thanks again!
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