Triking on Mackinac Island

Anyone take three wheelin to the Island? Have an issue with ferry companies decling your ride? Just
wondering as I impatiently wait for a response...


  • I have not but I have read of people taking their trikes there on the ferry.
  • Thanks for that info. :)
  • Still don't think you can rent them on the island, but taking yours on the ferry and riding there is no problem.
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  • Good to know. My wife and I head to Marquette on the 5th for four nights to ride the Iron Ore Heritage Trail for a few days. We then Return to Mackinaw City on the 9th for four nights to ride the Northern Michigan Trails and would like to take our trikes to Mackinaw Island for one day. I knew they allowed bikes on the ferry, but, wasn't sure about the trikes.
  • Someone once told me they charge $10 per bike and they add $5 for a trike
  • Good to know. I never heard back from Sheplers. I'll text my financial advisor
    and tell her the news.
  • My wife and I did the bike around the Island about 10 years ago. She had the Trike and I had my mountain bike. No problems, except she was not in good shape. It was a long ride for her.
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