Older people, circulation issues, and recumbent bikes

For many of us older folk, circulation problems in the lower legs are an issue.

You see it every day in older people with reddish, bluish, and swollen lower legs.

Varicose veins, Spider veins.

The first thing the MD’s recommend is to raise your legs on a cushion, higher than your heart, several times a day, for 30 minutes at a time.

The second thing the MD’s recommend is to get those ugly legs moving again. Make your leg muscles contract and squeeze that pooling blood in the lower legs back to the heart.

Hmmmm……...I think you know where this 71 year old male is going with this.

Raise your legs on a recumbent trike.

Pump those raised legs on pedals, driving that blood back to the heart.

If I keep riding this new Rambler of mine, inside of six months, I’ll have legs like…..well, let’s just forget the fishnet stockings, can we?.

Another reason to tell your family and friends why they should be riding a recumbent trike.


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